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Top Methods of Passing Microsoft AZ-900 Exam – Are AZ-900 Practice Tests Included?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals – AZ-900 is a basic fundamental exam comprising some general information about Microsoft Azure. The exam includes a fundamental understanding of cloud concepts; core Azure services, trust, security, compliance, privacy, and Azure Pricing and support.

Passing the Microsoft AZ-900 exam is wise if an applicant wants to start with the cloud and Azure. If you are aspiring to take this Microsoft exam, you have come to the right place.

Important Information About Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

  • The Microsoft AZ-900 exam cost is $99.
  • The exam consists of 40-60 questions that need to be completed in 60 minutes.
  • The questions are asked in various formats: short answers, multiple-choice, case studies, drag, drop, etc.
  • There is no negative marking for the wrong answers, so you should attempt all the questions.
  • You need to obtain a score of 700 out of 1000 to pass the exam.

The AZ-900 certification familiarizes the applicants with different fundamental concepts in Azure. Its scope is pretty broad, thus giving the applicants a good overview. The objectives that this Microsoft certification exam includes are:

  • Understanding core Azure services
  • Understanding cloud concepts
  • Understanding Azure pricing and support
  • Understanding privacy, compliance, security, and trust

Understanding AZ-900 exam topics and the sub-topics that they include can equip an applicant with important information. The exam objectives are not particular to any single job profile. Rather, they are pretty comprehensive and rewarding to cloud computing professionals qualifying for any job profile.

Reasons to Pass Microsoft AZ-900 Exam

The AZ-900 exam is the initial step toward establishing a career in Microsoft Azure and achieving more high-level Microsoft certifications. Still, it is obvious to question what makes it worth earning the Microsoft Certified – Azure Fundamentals certification. Well, the answer to this is “YES.” In contrast with most other fields, there are no skills in the IT field that find general acceptance across all the organizations. This suggests that rather than having a straight career path, there are many paths to take from.

Professional having mastery in AWS would not be appropriate for a job role requiring the applicants to possess Azure skills. This is why a professional must enroll in Microsoft certification training for definite Azure job positions. Although AWS presently rules the market, Azure holds a vital place also. The need for Azure professionals is mounting, and the AZ-900 exam makes it straightforward for applicants to begin their careers in this field.

Quick Tips for Successful Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam Preparation

1. Plan Your Studies

For any IT certification exam preparation, make a study schedule that fits your learning style, make sure you study topics before the actual exam and assign time for revision. Planning is a vital part of AZ-900 exam preparation as it enables you to follow a fixed schedule that covers all the topics. Once you follow a strict schedule, you will have a chance to devote enough time to each subject area. This way, you will complete studying all the topics on time.

2. Join in an Official Training Course

Joining an official training course is a wise step as it will help you learn the exam topics in detail. This doesn’t imply that other study resources aren’t required — on the other hand, they can help you understand some challenging objectives better.

3. Take Advantage of Study Guides and videos

You might observe that some objectives taught in the course requires further explanation. Many study guides are available on Amazon and Microsoft press stores and plenty of YouTube videos to help you solve this problem. Take into account the reviews and ratings while obtaining third-party study materials. Be sure to learn from only reliable and updated information.

4. Gauge Your Learning Through AZ-900 Practice Test

The best way to gauge your learning is by taking practice tests. Use practice tests offered by to evaluate your learning. You can use this site as a reliable source for your preparation process. It provides a valid and updated AZ-900 practice test. AZ-900 practice test will help you understand the structure and type of the questions, and it will be good for you to perceive what to expect and as a worthy practice for estimating the time you need for the actual exam.

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Compared to other Azure role-based exams, Microsoft Azure AZ-900 is an exam that doesn’t require any prior experience. Any applicant with fundamental skills can easily crack this exam with proper AZ-900 exam preparation. Whatever the case, assure that you keep updating yourself with the essential information and materials to prepare you thoroughly for the exams. Take the official training course and AZ-900 practice test for exam preparation.