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Getting the Best Out of Your CCISO Certification Exam Preparation with Practice Test

The EC-Council CCISO is an industry-leading certification that acknowledges the real-world experience required to prosper at the uppermost executive levels of information security. Combining together all the elements needed for a C-Level position, the CCISO certification includes governance, IS controls, audit management, human capital management, strategic program development, and the financial expertise necessary to begin a highly successful IS program.

The CCISO intends to fill the cleft between the executive management knowledge CISOs require and the technical expertise that many would-be CISOs have. This can be a significant gap as a practitioner attempts to proceed from mid-management to upper executive management positions. Much of this is traditionally learned as on-the-job training, but the CCISO certification can be the key to a successful transformation to the uppermost ranks of information security management.

CCISO Exam Information

  • Duration: 2.5 Hours
  • Number of Questions: 150
  • Question Format: Multiple Choice
  • Passing Score: 60% to 85% depending upon the exam form

5 Domains OF CCISO

  1. Governance (Policy, Legal and Compliance)
  2. IS Management Controls and Auditing Management
  3. Management-Projects, Technology, and Operations
  4. Information Security Core Competencies
  5. Strategic Planning and Finance

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers with a security specialization
  • Experienced IT Professionals engaged in information security management
  • Those who perform CISO functions but don’t have an official title
  • Professionals in special technologies

EC-Council CCISO Certification Exam Preparation Tips

1. Obtain Authentic Study Resources

First, obtain relevant study resources from as many other trusted websites as you can. That includes training courses, study guides, forums, blogs and articles, and practice tests. But, be aware of websites that make you pay for help; by the same token, make sure that whatever free information you obtain is genuine.

2. Have a Plan

Surveys have demonstrated that “cramming” for a test – burdening the mind with information the day before – beats performance rather than helping it. Rather than just studying every section every day before exam time, create a study plan that evens out the exam topics into small sections. Conditional on how many days you have before the scheduled exam date, allot 2 hours every day and concentrate on one topic each day. This will help your mind soak up the concepts better and classify them correspondingly.

3. Use CCISO Practice Test

One of the best things you can do before exam day is to take as many CCISO practice tests as possible. Practice tests resemble the actual exam. The practice test will help the applicants to identify their weak areas so that they can improve them. There are many websites that offer CCISO practice tests, so the applicant can decide which they want. Solving CCISO practice questions under time limitations will help you evade exam fear and do well in the real exam without feeling any strain.

Top 3 Reasons to Take CCISO Certification

CCISO Certification Was Created BY CISOs

For CISOs and would-be CISOs to produce true leaders. The CCISO Advisory Board involves CISOs from government and private organizations ranging industries and areas of expertise. Security executives from HP, Amtrak, the City of San Francisco, Lennar, the Center for Disease Control, universities, and consulting firms delivered their immense knowledge to designing this certification to handle the lack of leadership training in information security.

2. CCISO Is Not Centered On The Technical Facets Of the CISO Job Role

Many other certifications cover that material on the market. The syllabus of the CCISO certification is derived from the viewpoint of executive management. The EC-Council certification is based around reacting to scenarios written by imparting CISOs utilizing their experiences ruling some of the world’s top organizations’ security certifications.

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3. CCISO Includes Tactical and Financial Management

Like no other certification in the IT field. Contemporary studies reveal that other C-Level executives do not view the CISO as a true peer. To become genuine leaders in their organizations, IS professionals are expected to have a greater business perception than has ever been expected earlier. The CCISO certification is going deeper into how security should be infused into the acquisition process and how a CISO should handle budgets and assets – crucial skills and knowledge that many professionals require.


These are some of the main tips that you require to know and follow if you want to sit for the CCISO certification exam. The CCISO certification can be very advantageous for your career, and that is why you should sincerely consider going for one that interests you.