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Tips You Should Follow to Prepare for Check Point CCSA 156-215.80 Certification Exam

The Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA) certification is an intermediate-level certification for applicants seeking a career in cybersecurity. Check Point Certified Security Administrators are qualified to install security gateways in distributed environments, configure rules on servers, assign permissions, schedule backups and upgrades with minimal downtime, and monitor and troubleshoot IPS and common network traffic. CCSA applicants must have a fundamental knowledge of networking, Windows Server or UNIX skills, internet, and TCP/IP experience and satisfy prerequisites. Applicants are required to pass Check Point CCSA 156-215.80 exam.

Who Should Obtain Check Point CCSA Certification?

Technical professionals who support, install, deploy, or administer Check Point Software Blades should obtain this certification. It could involve the following:

  • System administrators
  • Support Analysts
  • Security managers
  • Network engineers
  • Anyone seeking CCSA certification

Benefits of Check Point CCSA Certification

  • Broaden your knowledge base and prove your skills to influence potential employers.
  • Enhance your earning potential to command a greater salary.
  • Acquire acquaintance with a wide variety of essential functions, features, and tasks.
  • Establish a Defence in Depth frame of mind against threat factors.
  • Distinguish yourself from your colleagues with increased capabilities to protect your infrastructures utilizing the best approach for protection.

Check Point CCSA Exam Details

The Check Point CCSA exam code is 156-215.80. The Check Point Certified Security Administrator is a written examination comprising 90 questions in the form of multiple-choice questions. The applicants will be given 90 minutes to finish the Check Point CCSA R80 exam. Check Point CCSA exam cost is $250. The applicants can schedule the exam at Pearson VUE.

Tips You Should Follow to Prepare for Check Point CCSA 156-215.80 Certification Exam

1. Precise Study Plan

Before you start your certification exam preparation, it is essential to decide on the study material. Since a good deal of study resources is available in the market, hence choosing the appropriate one is essential. Making a precise study plan will help you in organizing the essential information systematically, leaving no space for uncertainty.

2. Plan Your Day

Planning your day will help you realize what things you have already studied and need to revise, plus what you require to accomplish by the end of the day. This will ensure that your time consumption is constructive.

3. Study in Shorter Sessions

If you plan to study for 4 hours a day, then you should break it into smaller sessions with shorter breaks in the middle. Constant learning without breaks will make you feel exhausted, which will decrease your concentration. So, smaller sessions with more in-between breaks will make you go on for a more extended time.

4. Perform Check Point CCSA Practice Tests

The more you practice and become familiar with the CCSA Exam syllabus and structure, the more ready you will feel. By performing CCSA practice tests, your mind becomes habitual in this environment, and that is one difficult to get over.

5. Take a Certification Course

Many applicants opt for a training course for CCSA exam preparation. Learning through a training course is still the best way to study for this Check Point certification exam. Courses are administered by experts in the field who know what it takes to receive the certification. By enrolling in the training course, you can study from them, ask doubts, and get solutions right away. If you are taking in-person training, you also get to network and share ideas with other applicants preparing for the same exam. Many online platforms offer certification courses to potential applicants. You can check through the top platforms and take the one that attracts you.

6. Study Group and Discussion Forums

Studying in groups is not only enjoyable but also very beneficial. In such groups and forums, you can help one to get through the CCSA exam, and also, simultaneously, you can get your doubts and concerns discussed. If each group takes on different topics and explains them to the whole group, then this will save a lot of time.

7. Don’t Listen to Music or Watch TV While Studying

When you are preparing for the Check Point CCSA exam, make sure that TV and music apps are turned off. You must make sure that the topics studied are grasped into your brain. Studying with disturbances near and far does not lead to any positive outcomes. The means of getting ready for your CCSA certification exam demands total silence.

Job Profiles For Check Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA)

  • Security Engineers
  • Network Security Admin
  • SOC Engineer
  • Check Point Engineer
  • Cyber Security Engineer


You must pass the Check Point CCSA 156-215.80 exam to ensure your skills to configure, install, and manage Check Point Security Gateway and Management Software Blade systems on the GAiA operating system. You need to obtain the best resources and study them to the best of your knowledge. Good luck!