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Study Guide for Passing AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Exam

Securing your Cloud infrastructure deployment is as crucial as assuring that the deployment runs successfully. When the hackers are always on the lookout for loopholes to probe, it is vital for the organizations to spend for their Azure infrastructure’s security massively. This is where the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam gets in the field. This exam assesses that you have skills in implementing threat protection and security controls.

Important Details About AZ-500 Exam

The individuals aspiring to take this Microsoft certification exam are expected to have expertise in the implementation of security controls and threat protection. They are also required to prove their ability to manage identity & access and secure networks, applications, and data. Getting through the Microsoft AZ-500 makes you an Azure Security Engineer who holds the knowledge essential to retain security stance, check out security tools to discover and remediate vulnerabilities, respond to security incidences, and execute threat protection. Those professionals do not work individually. They will have to associate with a bigger team geared towards Cloud-based management and security.

The target audience for the Microsoft AZ-500 exam is those individuals who have an interest in Cloud security and hold significant knowledge & experience in scripting and also in automation. Moreover, they should own profound knowledge of networking and virtualization. In addition, these applicants are familiar with Azure products and services, Cloud concepts, and other Microsoft products & services.

AZ-500 Exam Details

The AZ-500 exam gauges the applicants’ mastery in Microsoft Azure technology, addressing the skills that are listed as the following:

  • Managing identity and access
  • Implementing platform protection
  • Managing security operations
  • Securing data and applications

The AZ-500 exam consists of 40-60 questions presented in multiple-choice and multiple-response types. This exam is available in various languages, such as English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean. AZ-500 exam cost is $165. You can schedule the exam at Pearson VUE.

How To Prepare For The Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 Exam?

To simplify your process to get through this exam, here are a few preparation resources that you can avail of for your AZ-500 exam preparation. All of these resources will be beneficial to you so, just take a look around these.

1. Azure Architecture Center

If you want to master Azure architecting solutions in all their aspects, this is the best platform to practice. Here, you will come across guides and instructions on working with Microsoft Azure and exploring best practices and patterns.

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2. Online Free Learning Paths

Microsoft provides these learning courses you can do at your own pace. In other words, it’s a great way of self-study that can help you track your progress and move steadily according to the exam content.

3. Instructor-led Training Course

Microsoft offers training courses taught by skilled Microsoft security experts. This option will help you study the theoretical material and enhance your hands-on skills under the mentors’ supervision.

4. Study Guides and Books

If you want to pass the AZ-500 exam with the best results, you need to understand that only looking through its content is not sufficient. This is where the study guides come in. The most prevailing resources to prepare for this Microsoft exam are Orin Thomas and Microsoft Azure Security Engineer AZ-500 Study Guide and Exam Ref AZ-500 Microsoft Azure Security Technologies by Yuri Diogenes and  & Exam Prep by Paul Reynolds.

5. AZ-500 Practice Test

It’s an outstanding means to become familiar with the structure of an exam and its questions. So, you can evaluate your preparation level by performing AZ-500 practice tests offered by Microsoft or on

Alluring Advantages of Passing AZ-500 Exam

Taking the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam to become an Azure Security Engineer boosts your career in several ways:

  • Start a New Career Path: If you have always craved a career in Cloud computing, passing the AZ-500 exam can be a key to enter in this field.
  • Negotiate Higher Salary: The professionals with the proficiency to secure Azure resources are very few. You can distinguish yourself by earning the associated certification, afterward negotiating for better salaries at work.
  • Job Security: As a worthy resource to your organization, the organization will do all it takes to keep you around.


As perceived from this article, you can acquire more than lose by opting for the Microsoft Azure Security Technologies AZ-500 exam. It not only confirms your expertise but also equips you with relevant skills as you prepare.