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How the CompTIA A+ Can Accelerate Your Career

Are you looking to launch your career in the growing field of IT? CompTIA A+ certificate is an excellent place to start! CompTIA A+ certification is a global industry certification that validates the knowledge of Computer Service Technicians. A+ certification means that the applicant can adequately diagnose, repair, configure and install hardware and operating systems, and troubleshoot and update personal computers.

What’s on the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam?

Before reading more about how the CompTIA A+ certification can help you begin your career, it is worth understanding what you can expect to perceive on the certification exam. CompTIA has granted more than 2 million certificates to professionals worldwide as the leading provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications.

Their performance-based certification evaluates your skill to support users’ access to the data needed for their job. To efficiently pass the CompTIA 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams, you will require to be well-versed in the following skills:

  •  Configuring, installing, and upgrading operating systems
  •  Installing and imaging virtual machines
  •  Setting up and troubleshooting peripheral devices
  •  Assembling computer hardware
  •  Setting up home and office networks
  •  Deploying cybersecurity controls
  •  Supporting end-user access and troubleshooting

7 Reasons to Seek CompTIA A+ Certification

Whether technical support or IT operations, CompTIA A+ certification is the best qualifying certification guaranteed to help promote your career in IT. As if this wasn’t sufficient, here are the top seven reasons you should obtain the CompTIA A+ certification without further ado.

1) Strengthen Your Foundation Security Skills

The CompTIA certifications provides hands-on experience with groundbreaking basics of computer software and hardware. With this certification, you receive in-depth troubleshooting skills for devices such as laptops, desktops, printers, and mobile phones. Professionals who own CompTIA A+ certification are proficient at managing PC installation, configuration, system upgrades, problem diagnosis, preventive maintenance, networking, and IT infrastructure. These skills are becoming some of the most sought-after skills imperative to succeed.

2) Attractive Salaries

As it is an industry-recognized certification, the CompTIA certification can potentially launch your career by improving your probability of being hired by such multinational and established organizations, namely HP, Nissan, Dell, and Intel.

Here is a salary range for CompTIA A+ certified professionals; the median salary is nearly $59,000. Of course, your salary will count on your experience and responsibilities; you can receive a higher salary with additional skills and relevant IT certifications.

3) Makes You Qualified for Distinct Job Positions

The CompTIA exams: 220-1001 and 220-1002 qualify you for various entry-level IT jobs. Some examples involve the following:

  • Support Specialist
  • Information Technology Specialist
  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Field Service Technician
  • Networking or Service Technician
  • Data Support Technician
  • Help Desk Technician
  • End-user Computing Technician
  • Associate Network Engineer
  • Desktop Support Administrator, etc.

As a renowned IT certification, it works as skill assurance for employers by confirming your skill to learn and progress in the IT field. It also provides you the compliance to work on-site or from distant sites. Working in such jobs encourages a work-life balance that is important for a lucrative career.

4) Equips You With Vendor-Neutral Basics

The CompTIA A+ certification benefits you get knowledge over vendor-neutral basics. What makes CompTIA certification outstanding is how it strengthens your technical knowledge foundation, emphasizing technical terminologies. This is crucial when working in various vendor environments.

As per SLA agreements, they are solving problems can be difficult, particularly when the companies ask you to solve troubleshooting issues off the phone. While many organizations send off their service technicians on-site to resolve hardware issues, it is best to work in complex situations. Needless to say, this is where the CompTIA certification becomes beneficial.

5) Be a Part of Growing Community of CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals

CompTIA A+ certified professionals are part of a community of professionals, many of whom you can get in touch for career guidance and troubleshooting technical problems. Having access to this community also enables you to stay updated with the most advanced developments.

Being a part of CompTIA’s IT professional association, AITP, on a national and local level is also an excellent way to meet and communicate with other certified professionals. Being part of such a large community boosts your learning process and helps you conquer barriers that many professionals confront, such as procuring entry to practical advice.

6) CompTIA A+ Certification Cost is Economical

Many people prefer to enter a degree program before beginning a career in Information Technology. If this is you, you may be uselessly spending too much money. The average cost of joining a two-year Computer Science Associate Program costs you $20,784. On the other hand, the CompTIA A+ certification price is $232.

It’s not about if the certification is more beneficial than a degree or not. The actual question is this: how do you intend to practice the education you receive? A degree is helpful for applicants pursuing a career in intricate CPU design or mathematical computation. Though, if you plan to work as technical support or IT operations for an organization, earning the CompTIA A+ certification is the best means.

7) Paves Way Towards Higher-Level CompTIA Certifications

Once you successfully get through the 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams, it is easy to renew your certifications and stay updated. You can also opt for higher-level CompTIA certifications like CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Server+, CASP+ to receive better-paying jobs.

Earning high-level CompTIA certifications such as CompTIA CTT+, CompTIA Project+, and CompTIA Cloud Essentials+ will also speed up your IT career.


Earning CompTIA A+ certification proves technical expertise. It suggests that you are ready to launch your career in IT fields like technical support, IT security, networking, or other related domains.  Even if you want to scale up the IT ladder, passing 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams equips you with basic skills that guarantee better pay and career advantages.