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CCSP Certification: Study Resources and Tips for Exam Preparation

The CCSP is a prestigious cloud security certification acknowledged throughout the globe. Achieving a CCSP certification confirms your understanding of cloud security architecture, operations, design, and network parameters.

A CCSP certification provides expeditious credibility as it helps you to acquire the top certification for cloud security expertise. It helps you stay ahead of the competition by maintaining your knowledge about the most advanced technology, threats, and prevention techniques. CCSP also helps you in detecting new possibilities and changeover into job profiles that are best appropriate for you.

What is Covered in the ISC2 CCSP Certification Exam?

CCSP certification exam comprises of 125 multiple-choice questions needs to be finished in three hours. You must obtain at least 700 points out of 1000 to pass the exam. The exam includes the six CCSP domains, which are separately weighted as follows:

  1. Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design
  2. Cloud Data Security
  3. Cloud Platform & Infrastructure Security
  4. Cloud Application Security
  5. Cloud Security Operations
  6. Legal, Risk, and Compliance


  • Minimum five years of paid work experience in information technology
  • Three of the five years must comprise of work in information security and one year in one or more of the six CCSP domains of CCSP certification syllabus.

Study Resources to Prepare for the ISC2 CCSP Exam

Many tips help the applicants to pass the exam on the first attempt. Reliable study materials resources and organized preparation lays a solid foundation for effective preparation. The following study resources can help you ace the exam effortlessly.

1. Official CCSP Training Course

The official training courses are offered by ISC2 and are available online on the ISC2 website. The course material comes with an interactive flashcards, electronic version of the CCSP workbook, 120 days of access to course content and recordings from the time of purchase, and post-assessment practice questions to gauge the preparation level.

2. Official Study Guide

ISC2 recommends the reviewed official study guide. It includes exercise & chapter review, many pages of reading content, large numbers of flashcards, a PDF glossary, two comprehensive practice exams, and more.

3. CCSP Practice Exam

Taking as many practice tests as possible is the best way to know you are prepared for the exam. If you are barely receiving over 70%, this standard may not be good sufficient on the day as you will be working under pressure, and this prompts most people to underperform. is the best site to attempt CCSP practice tests. They contain many practice questions.

4. YouTube Videos

If you like to watch videos, then YouTube can be your best help in CCSP exam preparation. Many YouTube videos include various training requirements to ensure applicants are better equipped to ace the exam. So, you can begin your preparation journey by diving into the exam environment by watching proper footage and preparing adequately for the exam!

Tips to Help You Ace the ISC2 CCSP Certification Exam

  • To pass any Certified Cloud Security Professional exam successfully, applicants must study and practice hard. The following tips will help you take the exam efficiently.
  • Make sure to study every topic and subtopic of the exam by thorough reading and practice.
  • Reading through one resource or attempting one CCSP practice exam is not sufficient. So, applicants must use multiple study resources.
  • Reading a single study guide or trying one CCSP practice exam is not sufficient; hence, exam takers must use multiple materials.
  • Exam takes are advised to create a study plan and follow it, ensuring strong discipline throughout the preparation.
  • Exam preparation should be carried out in a quiet environment. This will strengthen your level of understanding of the aspects most likely to be examined in this ISC2 certification exam.
  • With the exam date’s stress that can be defeating at the preparation phase, you require to believe in yourself. Rest and eat well, have adequate sleep, and keep calm while making sure you stay confident and self-directed.

Bonus Tip

Considering the CCSP certification and the limitations to the number of possible trials per year, it is firmly recommended that applicants first perform several CCSP practice exam formerly. While the questions will be different from the real thing, these practice exam will help applicants become familiar to the exam structure and scope.

Maintain CCSP certification

This CCSP exam guide also explains how to maintain your CCSP certification. After passing the CCSP exam, the journey does not end there. You must maintain your qualifications throughout the three-year certification cycle. By keeping at least 90 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits throughout this period, you can maintain your Certified Cloud Security Professional certification.

Certified professionals are expected to abide by the ISC2 Code of Ethics and must have another ISC2 Certified Professional approve the application of the Code of Ethics. If these guidelines do not conform within nine months of the exam date, you will need to retake the exam. You will also require to pay the annual fee (AMF).

How Beneficial is ISC2 CCSP Certification?

Earning your CCSP certification demonstrates that you are a skilled, expert cloud security professional who has practical experience in the field. Just by holding the certificate, you will be qualified for many job profiles and a higher salary.

Some of the common job profiles for ISC2 Certified Cloud Security Professional Include:

  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Security Administrator
  • Security Manager
  • Security Architect
  • Security Consultant


To obtain the CCSP certification is a very perceptive and smart choice because this is a top certification in the cloud security domain, which results in great salaries. That’s why you should opt for it to bright your IT Career. For the preparation purpose, you should opt for the ISC2 CCSP practice exam as study material. Hope this article will help you to pass the CCSP exam on the first try. Good Luck!