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8 Expert Tips for Passing a CND Certification Exam: Just Do It!

Certified Network Defender (CND) is a vendor-neutral, hands-on certification offered by EC-Council. It is a skills-based, lab-intensive certification program founded on a job-task analysis and cyber security education framework. Earning CND certification is an essential to step into a cybersecurity career. CND certification confirms that the applicant owns the basic knowledge and proven skills in the area of networking.

EC-Council Certified Network Defender certification is held in high respect as detecting vulnerabilities and assuring that they are handled appropriately can significantly strengthen the networks and systems of any organization. Given the frequency with which businesses and individuals are assaulted, this is not something to be taken casually, and prevention of such attacks is always better than attempting to recover from one, as the damage that has been done can very often be irrecoverable.

CND Certification Exam Details                                                                

  • Exam Title: Certified Network Defender (CND)
  • CND Exam Code: 312-38
  • Number of Questions: 100
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Availability: Pearson VUE OR ECC Exam Center
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice

Target Audience

Network Security Administrators, Network Administrators, Network Security Engineer, CND Analyst, Security Analyst, Security Operator, Network Defense Technicians, and anyone involved in network operations.

Suppose you are uncertain about making an action plan to become EC-Council Certified Network Defender. There are plenty of study resources available, and with proper preparation, anyone can pass the exam. In that case, this article will present the ten best tips on “How to prepare for EC-Council CND Certification.”

8 Expert Tips for Passing a CND Certification Exam

1. Analyze the Study Resources

There is a vast number of sources from where you can prepare for the CND exam. However, instead of informative websites, the recommendation would be to visit the official website. Understand each topic in detail, and make your study plan accordingly.

2. YouVideo Videos

Presently, YouVideo Videos have been an excellent way of learning. You can watch the videos uploaded by different training providers and experienced professionals. These videos are frequently updated and even include exam preparation tips, exam questions, and much more. So, you must pay attention while watching the video tutorials.

3. Focus on Essential Topics

It is vital to concentrate on crucial topics first. You should keep essential topics on priority and spend more time on these that will give you superb value in the exam. Make an action plan to spend more time or effort on crucial topics.

4. Take Enough Time to Prepare

EC-Council CND exam preparation is not a one-night process. You must take your time while studying for the EC-Council certification exam. You require to plan and divide your time into the most important topics. You can assign two hours for each day and increase the time duration as you get nearer to the exam date.

5. Ask for Help

Utilize your network to ask and uncover something new, communicate with colleagues who have registered for the exams, and discuss how they are studying for the exam. You can engage in a relevant online community or use social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, where you can get advice from your colleagues.

6. Explaine Learned CND Certification Exam Topics to Someone

Teaching is a standard way of knowledge. You can learn more when you qualify someone. Explain the CND certification exam syllabus topics to friends or colleagues. This will help you identify how much you have soaked up the topics.

7. Give CND Practice Test

Before sitting for the actual exam, you should give a CND practice test to evaluate your knowledge. This is a great way to build your confidence level. Taking the CND practice test will give you an idea of your strength and where you are lacking. In this way, you can work upon your weaknesses before the actual exam date.

8. Schedule Your CND Certification Exam:

Don’t be stressed about the exam score. Have faith in your preparation. Go ahead and register yourself today to become EC-Council Certified Network Defender and take your career to a higher level.


Passing a CND Certification Exam is always a glorious feeling. By following the tips mentioned above, you can prepare yourself. This will help you stay on track to becoming EC-Council Certified Network Defender. And be calm while acing the exam to utilize your knowledge obtained through preparation in the best possible way.