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ECSA Exam Preparation: 5 Important Tips + 3 Additional Tips

The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA) certification provides you with advanced security techniques and Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) methodologies that help you keep your organization safe from cyber threats. Unlike most other pen-testing certifications that only support a generic kill chain methodology, the ECSA provides a set of noticeable extensive methodologies that can cover diverse pentesting requirements over various verticals.

Reasons to Earn ECSA Certification?

If you are still thinking about whether you should register for the ECSA certification exam or not, here’s more information so you can conclude that’s best for you!

The knowledge acquired from the comprehensive hacking methods and incident reporting broadens your skillset as a cybersecurity professional. This provides you with more opportunities in your line of work and commands a notably higher salary.

Career Options

After passing the ECSA exam, one can be eligible for the following job positions:

  • Information Security Officer
  • Network Administrator
  • Penetration Tester
  • Security Analyst
  • Systems Administrator

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Tips for EC-Council ECSA Certification Exam

There are plenty of study resources available that can be utilized for ECSA exam preparation. But one should be very cautious while selecting the resources as they decide how well you pass the exam. Let us look at some resources –

1. Obtain Official Resources

EC-Council provides study resources for the ECSA exam preparation. These are the most updated resources. They provide a training course, study guides, and practice questions.

2. Make Your Strategy

Make your study strategy. Make sure you make a realistic and achievable study plan. Always make sure you never overlook any important topic. Also, make small notes during your ECSA exam preparation. You should understand the ECSA exam details like the time duration, the number of questions you have to answer, passing score, weightage of every topic so that you can make your strategy accordingly.

3. Online Classes and Instructor-Led Training

There are many online resources available for ECSA exam preparation, such as online classes and online instructor-led courses. Many sites today offer online videos test series and practice tests that are readily available and authentic. The instructor-led courses are interactive enough to solve your doubts and help you prepare completely.

4. Take ECSA Practice Test

Learning from practice tests is one of the best ways to find out the gaps in your preparation and let you work upon them in the best possible manner. They boost your confidence and make you familiar with the exam structure, so don’t stress on exam day. Attempt as many ECSA practice tests as you can because this will instill perfection in you, and you will be able to handle the tricky part of the exam.

5. Join Forum Discussions

For any exam preparation, it is always recommended to stay updated about the technology and its relevant problem scenarios. Becoming an active member of discussion forums works greatly in this regard. You can find many relevant groups on Facebook and Linkedin.

Additional Tips for ECSA Exam Preparation

1. Take Small Breaks

To learn efficiently and uniformly, take small breaks in between. These small 5-10min breaks will keep you awake and directed – allowing you to put in more extended hours. Whenever you notice yourself getting confused or stuck – take a break and walk out from the study area. You may feel fresh after taking a walk outside. Make sure to unwind your brain and get adequate sleep.

 2. Stay Healthy and Stimulated

Commonly speaking, it’s of utter significance to look out to your health and energy levels – not just when preparing for the ECSA certification exam. Sleep and hydration are essential, while having healthy meals provides you with the energy needed to concentrate on your studies. Exercise regularly, which will make you physically and mentally stronger and in good mental shape also.

3. Enjoy the Learning Process and Have Fun

You’re much more likely to put in hours and hours of studying if you commonly enjoy the process. ECSA exam preparation should be a rewarding activity in itself. Study for personal enrichment as well as to pass your EC-Council certification exam. Most importantly, remember why you decided to pursue this certification in the first point. Get back in touch with that motivation so it can fuel you through the entire exam prep phase and beyond.

Give a kick start to your career and improve your skills by taking the EC-Council Certified Security Analyst Exam. Good Luck!!