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Are You Preparing for CSSLP Certification?

CSSLP certified professionals are responsible for guaranteeing the secure development, testing, and implementation of an organization’s software. CSSLP is the only certification in the industry meant to prove an individual’s skill in integrating security into each aspect of the software lifecycle to help decrease application vulnerability threats. With CSSLP certification, your skills and expertise in employing advanced security protocols to an organization’s software development life are visible to any organization or potential company.

Why Achieve CSSLP Certification?

The prime reason for gaining the CSSLP certification is the positive influence on your career. Organizations in the military, public and private sectors appreciate this ISC2 certification. CSSLP is vendor-neutral, so you will be able to practice your learned knowledge and skills with any organization looking to protect its software development processes.

Furthermore, IT professionals with CSSLP certification have an increased earning potential than those without certification. Jobs within the IT and cybersecurity industries are commonly some of the highest-paid jobs on the whole. Any certificate that you receive enhances your worth within an organization, which will boost your salary and growth opportunities.

Having CSSLP certification lets your present and future employers know that you are enthusiastic about your career growth and like to learn consistently, stay ahead of the latest technologies, and add worth to the current organization. These are the aspects that draw the attention of hiring managers and organizations.

CSSLP Exam and Certification Requirements:

The CSSLP exam comprised of 125 ‘exam questions. You have three hours to finish the exam and score 700/1,000 to get through the exam.

The exam includes eight security domains assessing your understanding of securing the product development process.

CSSLP Syllaus Topics

  1. Secure Software Concepts – 10%
  2. Secure Software Requirements – 14%
  3. Secure Software Architecture and Design – 14%
  4. Secure Software Implementation – 14%
  5. Secure Software Testing – 14%
  6. Secure Software Lifecycle Management – 11%
  7. Secure Software Deployment, Operations, Maintenance – 12%
  8. Secure Software Supply Chain – 11%

In addition to passing the CSSLP exam, to receive the certification, you must present evidence that you hold at least four years of experience working as a software lifecycle professional. If you lack this experience, you can still take the exam. After which, you will have five years to obtain the essential knowledge and gain full accreditation.

How to Prepare for the CSSLP Exam?

Passing the CSSLP exam on the first try is not very easy. Serious and thorough exam preparation is vital to pass the exam despite the experience you possess. Here are some tips on acing the CSSLP exam in one attempt.

1. Create a Practical Study Plan and Follow It

Irrespective of whether you like to study yourself or via some training course, you must create a realistic study plan. Determining the hours, days & time duration, you will devote to Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional exam preparation.  If you are taking the online training course, make sure you have time to revise independently, as this will help revise your learned concepts.

2. Understand the CSSLP Syllabus and Exam Structure

Understanding the CSSLP syllabus and structure of the exam would be the first step in preparation. Knowing the exam syllabus and format will help you plan out your study strategy.

3. Take Up Training

ISC2 provides training for its certification exams. In the training course, you will learn all the topics in depth. You can also any questions you have and get them answered right away.

4. Take Advantage of YouTube Videos

You can come across many videos related to the CSSLP exam on YouTube. Many seasons professionals and educators upload videos on this platform. You can find exam details, tips for exam preparation, and exam questions in videos. Videos are a fun way to prepare for the exam.

5. Keep on Taking the CSSLP Practice Test

Apply your learned knowledge with the CSSLP practice test, which you can get online without difficulty. This will help you decide whether you are ready to appear in the exam or not. To do so, you can visit the official ISC2 or edusum website to take up online practice tests. CSSLP Practice test tests have been designed to give the applicant an actual examination environment.

6. Take Rest

Take enough amounts of sleep, have a healthy diet, exercise regularly. All this will help keep your mind & body energetic for more focus & grasping power. Don’t be harsh on yourself – It’s OK, don’t take it as a life battle. Just don’t fret & keep your spirits high, learn in your capacity, and give yourself the best shot.


Achieving a CSSLP not only boosts your career in the IT field but also provides you an opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and get a higher salary. Boost your chances with Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional Certification and stay ahead of the curve.