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Your Complete Preparation Guide on CASE Java Certification

What Is CASE Java Certification?

The CASE Java certification is created to be a practical, extensive application security certification that qualifies software developers on the crucial security skills and understanding needed across a typical software development life cycle (SDLC), focusing on the significance of the implementation of secure methodologies and practices needed in the present uncertain operating environment.

CASE professionals can receive better security challenges across all aspects of SDLC to rise above the title of an ordinary developer. CASE professionals often become Project Managers, employing their learning in the SSDLC, making them unique and useful resources.

The Core Objective of CASE Java Certification Is

  1. To assure that application security is no more a second thought but a first one.
  2. To put the foundation needed by all application developers and development organizations to generate secure applications with better stability and lesser security risks to the client, so, making security the first thought.
  3. To guarantee that the organizations lessen the risk of losing a great amount because of security settlements that may arise with every step of the application development procedure.
  4. To help individuals evolve the practice of offering significance to security sacrosanct of their job profile in the SDLC, so opening security as the core domain for developers, testers, network administrators, etc.

Target Audience

Individuals engaged in the role of developing, testing, administering, or securing a broad spectrum of applications or individuals determined to become application security engineers/analysts/testers

CASE Java Exam Details:

  • Exam Title: Certified Application Security Engineer (Java)
  • Exam Code: 312-96
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Availability: ECC Exam Portal
  • Test Format: Multiple Choice

How to Prepare for CASE Java Certification Exam?

Any certification that will boost your odds of getting employed must be sought-after with seriousness, and that is how you should consider the CASE Java exam. The tips indicated are there to guide you in what you have to learn. In case you find it difficult, you need to concentrate more on what you think is difficult to understand and use various study resources to acquire as much information as possible.

Your performance on the this EC Council exam is going to rely on the knowledge you obtain, the experience you hold, and the amount of practice you do. So, it’s vital to use the appropriate study resources. To have an idea of the official study resources for the CASE Java exam, visit the official website. You will discover the following sources:

  • iWeek- Instructor-led training: EC Council offers a training course – “iWeek” for the preparations for the CASE Java exam. This comprises a live, online instructor-led training course. It is a chance to learn from world-class instructors and work with top Info Security Professionals.
  • iLearn- Self Study Resources: EC Council provides an iLearn course that involves a self-study environment. They provide the most coveted courses in a streaming video format. These video resources are very helpful in your preparations.

If you require some more comprehensive videos, YouTube is the best platform. There, you’ll come across great video courses provided by qualified trainers and previous successful applicants that will share helpful tips and information about the EC-Council CASE Java exam.

Other resources like study guides from Amazon and practice tests are also helpful for learning the CASE Java exam objectives in detail. For the practice tests, get trusted ones from websites such as Edusum.com.

How Can CASE Java Practice Test Help You?

Practice tests help you assess your preparation level and evaluate your weaker topics. They mimic the exam environment to gauge your accuracy and speed. Attempt multiple practice tests to better your performance in an actual exam.

Nowadays, many websites offer practice tests for the CASE Java exam, but make sure you take them from trusted websites such as Edusum.com.

3 Useful Tips to Make Your Prep Effective

  1. To ensure that you sufficiently study each domain, begin to revise well in advance. Do not bank on the last day preparations that some applicants had tried before and failed in their exams.
  2. As you use EC-Council CASE Java practice tests or any other prep resources, always assure you are fully informed about the exam syllabus topics. You have to consistently refer to your study plan to see the direction in which your prep should move.
  3. While revising, do not allow yourself to be diverted by insignificant or non-urgent matters. Give your preparation the necessary attention and the proper amount of time.


Now you have a comprehensive CASE Java preparation guide which you require to follow strictly if you wish to pass the exam with a flying score. Preparing with training courses, study guides, and practice test is great. However, to achieve the EC-Council Certified Application Security Engineer (CASE) – Java certification, you must utilize these resources accurately. You can never go wrong with more practice as it will demonstrate your willingness.