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Become Certified by Microsoft – Passing Microsoft PL-900 Certification Exam

The Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 certification is Microsoft’s first attempt to draw these tools out and give them their focus, highlighting how useful they are for numerous business applications.

Microsoft Pl-900 Certification Exam Overview

Passing the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals PL-900 certification exam is the only requirement to earn the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform Fundamentals certification. An entry-level certification fills the gap between technical proficiency and non-technical first-tier consumers. There are no former prerequisites, and no follow-up certifications have been offered yet.

Microsoft PL-900 Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
  • Exam Cost: $165
  • Passing Score: 700
  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Total Questions 40-60 Questions

Exam Objectives

  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power BI (15-20%)
  • Demonstrate the capabilities of Power Automate (15-20%)
  • Identify the core components of Power Platform (15-20%)
  • Describe the business value of Power Platform (15-20%)
  • Demonstrate the business value of Power Virtual Agents (10-15%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Power Apps (15-20%)

Prepare for Microsoft PL-900 Exam

Getting proof of your knowledge and skills will improve your confidence and equips you with enormous credibility. This will act as a stamp of approval. So before starting preparation, make sure you’re aware of PL-900 exam details. The right preparation approach will help you to pass the PL-900 exam on the very first try and with a good score. Use the following preparation guide to crack the PL-900 Exam.

1. Visit the Microsoft official Website

Now that you have decided to sit for the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals exam, first, make sure you visit Microsoft’s official website. Here you will come across all the essential information about this Microsoft exam. From exam structure to syllabus, topics and training options can be accessed on this site.

2. Take Instructor-Led Training Course

Microsoft provides the instructor-led training course for PL-900 exam prep. The benefit of enrolling in the instructor-led training course is that you will be taught PL-900 exam objectives in detail. If you’re juggling so many responsibilities and fear you might miss one, then this will allow you to arrange classes as per your suitability.

3. Obtain PL-900 Study Guide

Study guide is an enduring source available for exam preparation. You can find study guides for this exam on the internet. PL-900 study guide elaborates exam concepts in detail, and you can read through them again and again until you understand them.

4. Online Forums and Communities

This distinct step is not mandatory for any Microsoft exam preparation. This step of becoming a part of any online community or forum makes preparation lively. Such platforms will assure that you are connected to all other professionals preparing for the same exam as you. Many people in forums can also help you solve any query you have regarding the Microsoft PL-900 exam.

5. Attempt PL-900 Practice Test

This is the last step in your PL-900 exam preparation journey. Performing the Microsoft PL-900 practice test will give you a precise evaluation of your preparation. Make sure you’re going through the PL-900 practice test only after you have studied the entire syllabus. PL-900 practice test is designed so that you experience the actual exam environment. After performing a series of PL-900 practice tests, you can easily figure out the topics you’re lacking behind and better them. Remember, the more you perform practice tests, the better you’re going to score in the actual exam.

Are you ready to gauge your preparation? Click Here.

Benefits of Earning Microsoft Certification

If you are uncertain about whether it is worth earning a Microsoft certification, you should look at the benefits it draws. A Microsoft certification can add great value to your resume as a skilled IT professional. Some of the key advantages of obtaining a Microsoft certification are:

  • Validation of skills: It is pretty standard for recruiters to be skeptical about the essential skills and expertise of an applicant applying for a job. But, Microsoft certification ensures an employer that the applicant holds the required skills.
  • Higher Salary: When you receive a Microsoft certification, it spontaneously helps you advance your career and receive a higher paycheck. You would be in a position to negotiate desired salary and additional perks. It is pretty expected for professionals to relish higher salary once they receive a Microsoft certification.
  • Brilliant Career Opportunities: The more you validate your skills with the proper certifications, the more jobs you would be eligible for. Further, a certification would also give you an advantage against your competitors while applying for a job. Organizations generally prioritize an applicant who keeps Microsoft certification over one who does not.


Suppose you have determined to boost your career and are inspired to chase your dreams. Microsoft Certified – Power Platform Fundamentals certification will prove that you own the skills needed for the job and prove your dedication to your dreams and aspirations. Passing the PL-900 exam can impact your profession positively in all aspects.