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Important Steps Needed To Pass JN0-104 JNCIA-JUNOS Exam

What is JN0-104 JNCIA-JUNOS Certification?

Juniper is regarded as one of the greatest networking companies which are directly in competition with Cisco in the industry. As having a substantial market share, knowing how to configure Juniper devices is becoming important for many network engineers. The first level that you must start within Juniper world is the JNCIA-JUNOS  path based on the exam code JN0-104. The JNCIA-Junos JN0-104 certification is intended for networking professionals with an entry-intermediate understanding of networking. The JN0-104 exam confirms your knowledge of the core functionality of the Juniper Networks Junos OS.

JN0-104 JNCIA-JUNOS Exam Syllabus Topics

  • Networking Fundamentals
  • Junos OS Fundamentals
  • User Interfaces
  • Configuration Basics
  • Operational Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Routing Fundamentals
  • Routing Policy and Firewall Filters

Important Steps Needed To Pass JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos Exam

Confidence in taking the exam is based on comprehensive preparation crucial for your performance. What then should you do to fulfill your expectations in the exam results? Here are important steps to help you pass the JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos exam.

Step 1. Understand JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos Exam

Once you’ve determined to go for the exam, you should get all the essential information about the JN0-104 exam. The essential information comprises the prerequisites, exam topics, registration procedure, and exam structure. The Juniper official webpage is the right place to start your hunt for the exam details. This will help you be on the right path so that you don’t finish up falling into the postponing pitfall and maybe, missing an opportunity to opt for the exam at the right time.

Step 2. Obtain Appropriate Study Resources

Without appropriate JNCIA-Junos JN0-104 study resources, you won’t be able to get the coveted score. Plenty of study resources is available online, making it even more complicated for applicants to lean on the right study resources for their exam. Herewith, applicants are advised to look for updated and trusted materials by Juniper to boost their exam preparation.

Step 3. Plan Your Studies

If you don’t plan on how you’re going to accomplish your JN0-104 certification exam preparation, then it will result in failing an exam. A practical plan to guide you on what and when to study assures you only concentrate on aspects that matter for thorough preparation. More, an appropriate study plan gives a way to guide you in learning the exam topics consistently. Above all, you must chart out a timetable to help you incorporate breaks when required to relax in-between the preparation.

Step 4. Start Preparation

After charting out a study plan for JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos exam preparation, the next step is to start your preparation. Accomplish your preparation with utmost dedication and focus. Based on the approach you prefer, make sure you carry out the preparation in the right manner. Moreover, it’s not good to depend on just one learning method or even a single study resource.

So, you can take an online training course and augment it with a study guide or JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos practice exams that assure your preparation method is all-rounded. Video courses are particularly great to use as you can smoothly rewind the topics you feel you haven’t studied.

Step 5. JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos Practice Test

Practicing for your exam is important. This is where the JN0-104 practice test from NWExam.com will help you. With these practice tests, you’ll manage to understand the exam topics, structure, and how to deal with exam questions to get a flying score.

Step 6. Take Your Exam

The moment you’ve been studying for has come, and you have to sit for the JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos exam now! The night before this date, try to take proper rest since exhaustion can harm you during the exam. Before you start the exam, read all the guidelines. And as you take on the questions, relax and deal with them with complete confidence.

Benefits of Passing Juniper JN0-104 JNCIA-Junos Exam

Nobody would work hard to become certified if it didn’t draw any benefits. Here are a couple of reasons why you would want to pass the Juniper JN0-104 exam and receive associated certification:


By following the path to becoming Juniper certified, you will be acquiring new skills that will make you a master in Juniper Junos OS. These skills will fetch excellent career benefits.


Juniper is known globally for its top-tier technology, products, services, and certifications. So having a Juniper certification offers you a better chance of being recognized and accepted in the IT market.


The certification works as proof of your skills, and it confirms to whomever it may affect that you are skilled in the workings of Juniper technology.


Nowadays, many job portrayals demand extra qualifications, and you can’t apply for such jobs without them. The JNCIA-Junos certification gives you access to the many positions that ask for it, thus widening your career opportunities.

Higher Salary

Having more skills also assures you a salary hike. And having more certifications gives you access to jobs with higher wages. Organizations will also be glad to raise the salary to employ skilled professionals to better their organization.


Juniper exams are difficult to pass. But once you pass them, you will be obtaining so many benefits that will help you advance your career in IT. So if you want to pass your JN0-104 exam to get Juniper Junos Associate certified, you have to give your best shot. You can do so with the help of practice tests and other best available resources for you at the click of a mouse. Follow the instructions and get started right now.