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CGEIT Certification: Top Secrets for Passing the Exam

Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT: ISACA developed CGEIT certification and the most universally acknowledged certification for IT governance personnel to excel in their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices.

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CGEIT certification exam provides a professional with the reliability to consider crucial issues about strategic governance measures and supports awareness, abilities, and capacity with enterprise IT governance.

Target Audience

CGEIT recognizes a broad range of professionals for their knowledge and application of enterprise IT governance principles and practices.

ISACA Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT – CGEIT certification is designed for those desiring executive positions. CGEIT entitles you to manage the governance of an entire organization and contemplate a move to the C-suite if you aren’t already there.

CGEIT Exam Details

The CGEIT certification examination measures IT professionals in the following four major domains:

  • Governance of Enterprise IT (40%)
  • IT Resources (15%)
  • Benefits Realization (26%)
  • Risk Optimization (19%)

To achieve the CGEIT Certification, you need to ace the four-hour examination of 150 multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, applicants need to get 450 out of 800. The certification examination tests the IT professional’s knowledge in the five domains of IT governance mentioned above.

CGEIT Certification Benefits

  • Coveted Certification-Get complete knowledge in information technology, management, and governance and evolve your career with CGEIT certification as a global IT manager or consultant.
  • Prove knowledge and skills: The professional certification has been created to measure and prove your knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience with enterprise IT governance.
  • Acquire Unique Advantage – Acquire greater credibility within your organization, create new career opportunities and improve your earning power with CGEIT certification.
  • Prove Your Skills -The CGEIT certification is an internationally acknowledged certification that proves your expertise in the latest methods and skills in information security.
  • Scale up the Career Ladder: CGEIT certification syllabus covers a broad range of topics that will help you prepare for many different jobs in the field.
  • Gain the Reputable Certification-CGEIT Certificate is the most demanding, comprehensive, and respected qualification in IT Governance.

Tips to Prepare for CGEIT Certification Exam

Register for CGEIT Exam: By moving ahead and registering for your CGEIT exam. The familiarity that the exam is a few months away will work as a motivation for you to put in your best.

1. Obtain the Appropriate Study Resources

There are many study resources from which you can prepare yourself for the CGEIT certificate exam. Obtain CGEIT Review Manual, the latest edition, for thorough exam preparation. You can also buy a CGEIT study guide to get an in-depth understanding of the exam topics.

2. Learn From Online Videos

Videos are always an excellent way of learning. Presently, YouTube is the best platform where you can get plenty of videos relevant to CGEIT exam preparation. But make sure you learn from videos that reliable platforms or experienced professionals upload.

3. Take Enough Time For CGEIT Exam Preparation

CGEIT Certification is not a one-night procedure. You must take your time studying for a Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT certification. You need to plan and assign your time to the most crucial CGEIT syllabus topics. You need to study for at least two hours a day for three to four months to complete the entire CGEIT syllabus.

4. Take Help From Experts

Use your network to ask and learn something new, connect with colleagues who have already achieved CGEIT certification, and discuss how they have prepared for the CGEIT exam. You can engage in online communities or use social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can get guidance from your equivalents.

5. Immerse in a Real Testing Environment with CGEIT Practice Test

By practicing in an environment like that of the actual exam day, you can get prepare yourself to manage exam anxiety. The CGEIT exam questions tend to be presented indirectly to gauge whether the applicant understands the exam concepts thoroughly. Taking the CGEIT practice test will help you become familiar with the exam environment and the types of questions likely to be asked.

Before sitting for the actual CGEIT exam, you should give as many practice tests as possible. This is an excellent way to boost your confidence level. And even you will perceive how to deal with the CGEIT exam questions.

6. Stay Motivated

It may be your dream to become Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT. Still, in the reality of studying hard for a CGEIT exam, one can become demotivated. After all, nobody said looking for the CGEIT exam was like a walk in the park. The more ready you are for the complex learning process, the more you can stay motivated when you become exhausted and irritable. That does not mean you will not have times when you start questioning why you are even preparing for the exam before everything else but bring to mind the purpose when you start to feel down about it all. Whether you want to pass the CGEIT exam to make more money, receive a promotion, or acquire a lifelong aim, keep your objective in the forefront of your mind to stay motivated throughout the exam preparation.


ISACA certification exams are difficult to crack. But once you pass the CGEIT exam, you will be getting so many benefits that will help you advance your career in IT Governance. So if you want to achieve the CGEIT certification, you have to study at your level best. You can do so with the help of practice tests and other reliable resources that are readily available on the Internet.