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CISA Certification – Become Qualify for Sustainable Career Success

CISA is a globally accepted certification offered by ISACA – Information Systems Audit and Control Association. Cyber-security has become more critical in an age of information that is incredibly reliant on IT systems. Auditing and securing these systems is a crucial function, and, thus, the role and importance of a systems auditor are gaining momentum. The CISA certification qualifies participants to comprehend ways of protecting and auditing information systems.

The CISA certification is meant for consultants, audit managers, IT auditors, and security professionals and is a globally recognized benchmark for appraising an IT auditor’s knowledge, skill, and expertise. This ISACA certification acknowledges an individual’s ability to evaluate vulnerabilities and instil technology controls in an organization’s environment. Some data suggest that only about half the applicants each year obtain passing marks and the designation of CISA.

Become Qualify for Sustainable Career Success with CISA Certification

As it has become more crucial than ever that organizations hire professionals who can have a complete interpretation of information systems and their relationship to organizational and business success, many hiring managers look for ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditors. CISA is even a prerequisite for information systems and information technology jobs for some business and governmental agencies. CISA has become internationally recognized as the standard of accomplishment for those who evaluate an organization’s information technology and business systems and offer assurance on their availability and sustainability.

  • A CISA certification on your resume makes you quickly distinguishable to organizations as an exceptionally qualified, experienced professional.
  • CISA confirms that you have acquired and maintained the level of knowledge required to satisfy the severe problems of a modern organization.
  • CISA is evidence of competency in IT controls and your knowledge of how IT refers to business.
  • Unlike many certifications, CISA demands real-world, practical work experience and the accomplishment of passing a comprehensive exam. By recognizing this additional professional experience, CISA increases the breadth of your authenticity in the marketplace and your position.
  • CISA holders are consistently recognized among the most qualified IS auditing, control, and security professionals.

Preparing for the CISA Certification Exam

The CISA is a challenging exam, with an average pass ratio of approximately 50%. It’s best to start preparations ahead of time: successful applicants commonly take between 6 months and a year to revise for the exam.

ISACA offers several resources to help aspiring CISAs pass the exam, including CISA questions and answers, a CISA-specific prep community, an online training course, and an eBook of study resources. The most vital resource is the ISACA Review Manual, which is revised yearly.

There are also plenty of courses available from third-party training providers. These high-quality courses cover all the materials in the Review Manual, with expert-led videos, hands-on knowledge checks, and a full-length CISA practice exam.

Tips to Ace CISA Exam on the First Attempt

There are so many websites and so much information there on how to pass the CISA exam. However, it is important that you evaluate the credibility of the information and its source. Here are some effective tips for passing the CISA certification exam:

  • In the first instance, don’t forget to register for the CISA exam.
  • Make sure that you completely understand the CISA syllabus and expectations of the CISA exam.
  • Create your study plan and the technique you are going to take for the exam preparation.
  • Make sure that you create a realistic plan and follow it strictly throughout the preparation phase to strengthen your odds of passing the CISA exam on the first try.
  • Use the CISA practice tests from as your leading way of exam preparation.
  • Engage in a relevant online study group and communities. This will help you ensure that you are
  • Join active study groups and online forums. This will help you ensure that you are encircling yourself with people who are also preparing for the same exam as you.
  • Make sure that you wrap up your preparation a few days before the very exam so that you can have sufficient time for revision and to rest before taking the CISA certification exam.
  • Have eight hours of sleep the night before the actual exam day. Wake up with a fresh and energetic mind and body. You will recall the information easily when you are fresh.

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What After Passing CISA Exam?

The next step after passing the CISA exam you need to apply for the CISA certification. ISACA requires that CISA applicants own at least five years of professional experience in IS auditing, control, or security domain.

You can replace one year of other IS experience in place of auditing work or one year of standard auditing experience in place of IS work. A corresponding university degree can also be utilized in place of up to 2 years of work experience, depending on the length of the degree. All experience must have occurred within ten years of the date of your application.

CISA certification holders are needed to participate in ISACA’s Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program. CPE is a continuous training program that makes sure CISAs keep updated with their industry.

ISACA needs a minimum of 20 CPE hours each year, in addition to 120 hours contact hours over a three-year period. It also costs an $85 annual maintenance fee ($45 for ISACA members).


Passing an ISACA certification exam can be a difficult task. Without the proper preparation resources, it could be a challenge. However, gives you more than just a confidence boost as it can significantly improve your chances of passing ISACA Certified Information Systems Auditor exam on your single attempt by providing a valid CISA practice test. With such a helper, you’ll become a step closer to earning your CISA certification.