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AWS Certification vs. Azure Certification: Which Cloud Platform Should You Opt First?

IT professionals worldwide constantly pursue job satisfaction, better projects, and salary hikes in their careers. Certifications can assist them in achieving these and reaching new heights in Cloud Computing. Due to considerable certification providers, one might get complicated between AWS or Azure certifications since both lead the market currently.

In this blog, we will discuss AWS certification vs. Azure certification from the point of view of certification holders. We will cover all the essential elements to clarify AWS vs. Azure certifications.

AWS Certification vs. Azure Certification: An Overview

Cloud is the new normal. Well, it is a need for IT organizations of the day. According to a report, around 80 percent of the enterprises are operating on AWS or are testing with them. Azure is at the second position with 67 percent usage, and Google Cloud comes third with 40 percent. Certified IT professionals are encouraged 50 percent faster than non-certified ones.

With this cloud surge, job opportunities have also been rising for professionals who have been working on cloud services or even who demand to study cloud-related projects in organizations. You can get these opportunities by getting certified by the individual providers.

Over the years, the cloud boom has helped developers continually search for better job opportunities and more projects. Meanwhile, companies began seeking certified professionals, with more professionals joining the field. As per the report, 93 percent of employers accept that certified professionals add more value to their organizations. Certifications validate your experience and learning in your area of expertise.

Now that you understand the importance of certifications in getting better opportunities, you may think about which one to go for among the top two industry leaders, i.e., AWS and Azure.

AWS Certification

In 2013, AWS launched its global certification program. The first certification offered was AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Level. AWS has come to a lengthy method ever since, and now in total, it provides 12 certificates in 4 other categories: Foundational, Associate, Professional, and Specialty.

Now, let’s discuss some of the uses you can get by earning an AWS certification:

Benefits of AWS Certifications

  • Salary Hike: The average annual salary of an AWS Solutions Architect Associate professional gets a hike of more than US$12K per annum if they are certified by Citrix and Linux, as per a report. If they have some years of experience in Cloud Computing, these numbers can go even higher.
  • Validation: AWS certifications are among the most trusted credentials among employers worldwide. Thus, the certified AWS professionals can get better options in these organizations as AWS certifications validate their experience and knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Badge: Once you are AWS certified, you are given a badge, which you can utilize to follow the AWS summit events, but not just that, it can also affect employers on platforms like LinkedIn.

Top AWS Certifications

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As we have discussed, there are 12 AWS certifications you can go for. All of these certifications have equal merit, relying on the subject matter. Though it is often suggested to achieve multiple certifications since numerous organizations have already set up AWS, they need professionals who can handle different AWS operations.

However, when we talk about the AWS Certification salary, the following two certifications are the highest-paying ones.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate and AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner are on the top 15 highest-paying certifications prepared by Forbes.

Azure Certification

Although Azure market share is less than the AWS market share, its growth has been outstanding in the past few years. According to a Forbes report, Azure has been catching up fast with AWS in many enterprises using it. The bulk of the Fortune 500 companies are currently using Azure services. Azure’s fantastic combination of cloud features and its easy-to-use and install on-premises components have attracted more IT organizations toward it.

Thus, Microsoft has always been adding more Azure role-based certifications. Currently, it offers 14 Azure credentials. Focusing on Azure’s role-based certifications will approve your subject matter expertise and can provide you with excellent career opportunities.

Along with the growth of Azure, Azure certifications are also becoming beneficial with time. Now, we will move further and consider the benefits of Azure credentials:

Benefits of Azure Certifications

  • Salary Hike: An experienced Azure Certified Solutions Architect earns around US$126K per annum on average, as per a survey.
  • Validation: Proven expertise will give you an approach to more and more opportunities in organizations operating on Azure and its features. Even companies that implement Azure features will need experts who can aid them. In this scenario, certified professionals will be prioritized when hiring as they are anticipated to have both expertise and deep knowledge.
  • .NET Platform: The .NET platform is a cross-platform, open-source framework from Microsoft that contains tools, libraries, and programming languages for development. So, when you get prepared for cracking an Azure certification, you will also be qualified to learn how to integrate .NET with a company’s infrastructure.
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Top Azure Certifications

Like AWS, Azure also has two of its certifications listed among the top 15 highest-paying certificates.

As you can see, one is of the Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamental level, and the other is of the Microsoft Certified Azure Associate level, i.e., there are different stages of certification as per requirements. However, it does not suppose that one of these two certificates will open gates for more opportunities. Most employers trust professionals with a broad range of knowledge and expertise.

AWS Certification vs. Azure Certification: A Comparison

In this section, we will be differentiating between AWS certifications and Azure certifications based on several factors.

  • Salary: As we have already examined the salaries of AWS vs. Azure certified professionals, we can see that there is a higher opportunity for AWS certified professionals to get paid more than Azure accredited professionals.
  • Scope: While AWS overlooks the cloud market, Azure’s growth has constantly increased. So, AWS vs. Azure certifications’ options will not differ much, and organizational needs will also play a substantial role in these standards.

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AWS vs. Azure: Which Is Better for Career?

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you desire to get certified in a cloud technology that is the most popular today, go for AWS. It is forward of any other cloud service provider in market share and will likely resume topping the charts. Most employers will be happy to talk to you if you have an AWS certification but are not certified in Azure.

Then getting certified in this technology is a secure bet, and you can stop stressing about whether you should drop your devotion and go for the more popular technology.

Do not forget that even though AWS is the most significant technology right now. But Azure does have a third of the market, so it is also a fantastic option. Most of those will be open to a person with an AWS certification, but if you like to study Azure, it can land you a job.

AWS may be leading Azure regarding the accessibility of free learning materials, but it can be aided.

The most critical factor in deciding whether you can or cannot get a particular job is not just the certification. The hands-on knowledge you end up with if you study for the certificate well sufficiently.

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Whatever certificate you pursue, make sure it comes with knowledge and practice.


Cloud will be more prevalent in the future than ever, and cloud professionals will have ample opportunities in the IT world very soon. In this light, certifications will verify their credentials and knowledge, and thus they will be supported as subject matter experts. AWS vs. Azure certifications may go back and forth in upcoming years. So, you may have to pick a certificate that satisfies your and your organization’s requirements.