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CRISC Certification: Details, Exam Tips and Benefits

The standard of excellence for a professional certification program is the value and acknowledgment it shows to the individual who acquires it. The Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control – CRISC certification, issued by ISACA, identifies an ideal range of professionals for their understanding of enterprise risk and skill to design, monitor, implement, and maintain information systems (IS) controls to mitigate such risk.

The CRISC certification, pronounced “see-risk,” is meant for IT professionals with practical experience with risk identification, assessment, and evaluation; risk response; risk monitoring, IS control design and implementation and IS control monitoring and maintenance.

Why Obtain ISACA CRISC Certification?

  • It is a definite indicator of your knowledge and skills as a risk professional.
  • CRISC certification improves your worth for any organization which desires to handle IT risk efficiently.
  • It gives you an advantage over other contenders seeking a position or applying for a promotion.
  • Entitles you access to the ISACA community and the most contemporary ideas concerning IT risk management.
  • It helps you acquire and support a high standard of professional conduct through ISACA’s continuous education and ethics requirements.

Important Information About CRISC Exam

ISACA CRISC certification exam comprises 150 multiple choice questions, including the respective job practice areas created from the most contemporary job practice analysis. Applicants have up to 240 minutes (4 hours) to finish the exam.

The exam comprises four job practice domains and measures your understanding of the knowledge and practical skills an expert professional gets to the real-life job practice corresponding to information systems risk and control. Your proficiency in passing the exam will amount to significant proof of your skills in these practical work-related domains:

  • Governance
  • It Risk Assessment
  • Risk Response And Reporting
  • Information Technology And Security

Target audience

The CRISC certification best fits anyone accountable for IT risks and controls for an organization. The following professionals also benefit particularly by passing the CRISC exam:

  • Business analysts
  • Compliance professionals
  • Control professionals
  • IT professionals
  • Project managers
  • Risk professionals

Tips to Prepare for ISACA CRISC Exam

CRISC is among the most challenging exams but with the proper preparation; one can crack the exam on the first try. You can take four attempts to appear for the exam: one initial attempt and three retakes. The retakes are consistent with the 365 rolling calendar date from the date of the first exam try. Yet, it is crucial to note that individuals retaking an exam are needed to buy a new exam registration for each exam try.

To pass the ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control exam, you must follow a tactical approach. Here are the three practical tips that will help you get through the exam on the first try:

1. Understand the CRISC Certification Syllabus

The first step is to get familiar with the CRISC certification syllabus. For this, you can visit the official ISACA website to understand the exam syllabus and structure and start preparing for it.

2. Learn from Different Resources

Various paid and free resources on the ISACA official website and other platforms can help you with CRISC exam preparation. Moreover, you can become a member of the ISACA community to receive the latest updates.

3. Register in a CRISC Exam Prep Course

Registering in a CRISC exam course can improve your likelihood of passing the exam. Using proven instructional design techniques and interactive methods, a valid CRISC training course prepares exam-takers to pass the ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control certification exam.

4. Take CRISC Practice Exam

There are many platforms available on the internet where you can find CRISC practice exams. But make sure you attempt it from a trusted platform such as the website.

CRISC practice exam measures the professionals with exam questions that mimic the same format as the actual exam. This will help you be comfortable with the timing and measure your preparation level.

5. Actively Participate in Communities and Study Groups

Study groups and discussion forums can help you prepare for your ISACA Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control exam. As an active member of communities and study groups, you can help others pass the exam, address your doubts and questions, learn about several valuable resources, and significantly reduce the time needed to prepare.

6. Take Breaks in Between the Study

For any exam, there is a lot of information to grasp and learn new concepts, so cramming will not help you understand exam concepts. It is a wise decision to learn only one domain per study session early. This will allow you to learn all the topics in a structured manner and start taking the CRISC practice exam to determine your weak areas and get better at them.

How to Maintain Your CRISC Certification?

To maintain your CRISC certification, you require continuing education (CE) credits. The objective of the Continuing professional education (CPE) policy is to assure that all CRISC certification holders keep a satisfactory level of current knowledge and expertise in privacy. Moreover, the CE credits demonstrate to internal and external stakeholders that your knowledge and skills are always up to date and applicable.


Following the above-mentioned tips will help you ensure your precious time and exam cost are not wasted. Successful completion of the CRISC certification depends on understanding and applying IT risk management principles, thoroughly preparing with a definite study plan, and getting everything smoothly together on a stressful exam day. Preparation is the key to relieving stress and ensuring success. Good Luck!!