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What Do You Need to Prepare for Palo Alto PCNSA Exam with Ease?

Palo Alto Networks’ platform secures the networks of numerous big enterprises, government agencies, and service providers counter to risk. The solutions protect systems by what matters most in today’s evolving IT environments: applications, users, and content. The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator – PCNSA certification confirms a basic understanding of the efficiency of Palo Alto Networks firewall technologies.

The Palo Alto PCNSA certification is a formal, industry-recognized certification that confirms detailed:

  • Understanding of Core features and functions of next-generation firewalls
  • Configuration of Palo Alto Networks firewalls utilizing PAN-OS® software.
  • Demonstrates that you hold the fundamental knowledge to configure a Palo Alto Networks firewall successfully.

Palo Alto PCNSA Exam Overview

  • Exam Name: Network Security Administrator
  • The PCNSA Cost of Certification: $155
  • Duration: 80 minutes
  • Quantity of Questions: 50
  • The score of Passing: Variable (70-80 / 100 Approx.)
  • Exam Register: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Topics: Click here.

Palo Alto PCNSA Exam: Useful Preparation Tips

1. Create a Study Plan

The first step in your PCNSA exam preparation is to chart your study plan. As you plan, bear in mind the PCNSA syllabus and the time for the actual exam. Start your preparation with the weakest points. Devote more time to syllabus topics with a higher weightage. Strictly following your plan will help you in staying persistent and stay away from distractions. Beginning earlier will give you ample time to master all the concepts in detail, so get started and remain stimulated.

2. Avail the Best Study Material

It is a fact that hard work is needed for success, whether you are a student preparing for an exam or an employee waiting for a promotion. If you believe success to be good luck and prosperity, your exam preparation must incorporate efficient time management and planning.

3. Online Training

Online training and instructor-led courses can be highly beneficial to detailed learning. Subject matter specialists in their fields conduct these courses, and Palo Alto’s official website offers high-quality training courses.

Authorized Training Partners (ATPs) conduct authorized Palo Alto Networks training courses in virtual delivery formats and classrooms through public open enrollment and private onsite training.

4. Actively Participate in an Online Community

Participating in online communities helps you discuss doubts with other exam-takers, share your PCNSA exam tactics, and acquire perceptions of how other people are studying for the exam. The online community delivers a wealth of resources that can help you enhance your skills, stay uplifted throughout the preparation journey, and raise your odds of passing the exam.

5. Get Palo Alto PCNSA Practice Exam

When it comes to Palo Alto certification exam preparation, performing practice exams is a must. The more PCNSA practice exam you attempt, the more familiar you’ll become with the questions you’ll encounter on exam day and the more confident you’ll be when acing your exam. And, as you perform more Palo Alto PCNSA practice exams, you’ll be less likely to make silly mistakes. NWExam website provides the best set of PCNSA practice questions, which are highly helpful to exam-takers. And the saying ”practice makes perfect” is true.

How to Succeed in Palo Alto PCNSA Exam?

To succeed in the Palo Alto PCNSA exam, you need to accomplish the following things:

  • Begin your preparation in advance so you will not miss any topic.
  • Make sure you have the syllabus handy throughout the exam preparation.
  • Attempt the Palo Alto PCNSA practice exam once your finish learning all the topics. The core purpose is that the exam-takers can gauge their preparation level and work on weak areas before sitting for the actual exam.

Top Reasons To Obtain Palo Alto PCNSA Certification

1. A Palo Alto PCNSA Certification is Globally Acknowledged

Organizations across the globe require evidence of skills to successfully deploy the firewalls to enable network traffic based on who (User-ID), what (App-ID), and when (Policy), all while ensuring security (Content-ID). PCNSA Certification has long been verified as the hallmark of an experienced, exceptionally skilled Network Security Administrator.

2. Pioneering Skills

The Palo Alto is dedicated to ensuring that their certifications remain updated, qualifying professionals with techniques and skills required to succeed in today’s competitive world.

3. Higher Salary

Palo Alto PCNSA certification is globally appreciated, setting up certification holders excluding non-certified, inexperienced Network Security Administrators. Passing the PCNSA exam will impact your salary, which can rise by up to 23% $.

4. Progression and Endurance

Palo Alto Certifications are valid for two years. So, further development and learning are essential to retaining your PCNSA certification status active.

5. PCNSA Certification Helps You Build Influential Relationships

When you add Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Administrator certification on your social platforms, you get to meet some new people whose understanding can benefit you a lot in your career development. Whether you need assistance finding a job you will enjoy doing or need a recommendation, a fellow Network Security Administrator can help you out.


To get through the Palo Alto PCNSA exam, you’ll need to make and adhere to a study plan that includes all of the essential topics and PCNSA practice exams and qualifies you to enhance your skills. Use the techniques and resources mentioned above to understand the exam topics better, then begin studying and passing the exam with a flying score.