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What To Expect From Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

At present time, earning the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification strengthens your professional trustworthiness and gives you an edge over other non-certified people contesting for the same position. Moreover, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 or other Azure certifications confirm that the certification holder knows fundamental cloud concepts, the core services Azure offers, their cost, and the fundamentals of compliance, privacy, and cloud security.

With the world shifting to cloud computing, Microsoft Azure certification can give you numerous opportunities. It is perfect for professionals who deal with cloud-based solutions and are associated with such services and those who want to prove their understanding of cloud services.

Microsoft encourages interested applicants to begin with, the AZ-900 certification before opting for higher-level certifications in the future.

Why Go For Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Certification?

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is useful for people with the following requirements:

  • Applicants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of cloud services.
  • Applicants who are in collaboration with cloud-based solutions.
  • If you are involved with buying and selling cloud services, the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam is beneficial for you, even if you are from a non-specialized background.
  • AZ 900 exam keeps your capability in Azure central ideas and makes you adequately qualified to take future Azure certifications.
  • Microsoft AZ-900 exam preparation will qualify you to manage security for Azure arrangements.
  • The AZ-900 certification describes the cloud system of actions and administrations that Microsoft Azure delivers. Thus, Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification is a smart option for any applicant who wants to deal with cloud arrangements and management at the beginner level.

Benefits of Having Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification

There is no denying the truth that Microsoft certifications are among the most sought-after certifications in the field of cloud computing. AZ-900 certification exam is the best fit for candidates who require to obtain an understanding of Azure essentials to explore the area for better career options further. As cloud security is important for both business and individual clients, it has augmented the security employment market. Afterward, there are limits to enhanced opportunities for those who have achieved Microsoft Azure proficiency.

Furthermore, a Microsoft Azure certification allows you to look for a broad array of job opportunities. For instance, you can become a cloud modeler, a developer, or a response planner. Furthermore, the certificate prepares you to work in different areas in different regions.

Primarily all organizations are shifting to the cloud because they offer for governing the frameworks in an organization.

For example, an Azure certification can land you in various positions like clinical benefits, finance, and media outlets.

Nowadays, the AZ-900 is the only fundamental level certification in Azure offered by Microsoft. The Microsoft certification familiarises the applicant with Azure fundamentals, comprehending the complete scope. AZ-900 is the exam that measures fundamental level information on cloud ideas and Azure administrations. The exam is perfect for competitors with specialized and non-specialized foundations and the demand to build their profession in cloud computing.

Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam Details

Microsoft AZ-900 exam will cost you $99, and there is a total of 40-60 questions in the exam. The given time to finish AZ-900 is 60 minutes. Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam questions are multiple-choice, short answer, case study, best answer, active screen, drag & drop, mark review, hot area, etc. Also, you must score a minimum of 700 marks in the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam. If you do not pass this exam on the first try, you can sit for it once again after 24 hours, according to the Microsoft exam retake policy. All in all, you can sit for the AZ-900 exam no more than five times in one year.

To pass your Microsoft AZ-900 exam, you should have a strong knowledge of all of its domains. Overall, four modules are included under this certification and its concerns exam with a definite weightage for each topic. So, have a look at the skills for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam given below:

  • Describe cloud concepts (25—30%)
  • Describe Azure architecture and services (35—40%)
  • Describe Azure management and governance (30—35%)

Tips to Ace Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 Exam

Your exam score depends on how well you have prepared for the exam. Hence, it is essential to have an appropriate strategy if you want to outshine your Microsoft AZ-900 exam. Compared with the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam, it is recommended that, in the beginning, explore the Microsoft Learn portal, as this is the best platform to begin your preparation for all exams associated with Microsoft. This learning page comprises links to all the free study resources, prerequisites for exams, their structure, exam policies, and links to online communities. You can also get all the essential details for the AZ-900 exam and enroll in free self-paced courses created for this exam prep, and you will be able to complete it efficiently. You can also take the AZ-900 practice test once you have studied all the exams.

How Can AZ-900 Practice Test Help?

AZ-900 practice test pinpoints your strong and weak areas. AZ-900 practice questions make you familiarise yourself with all you require to pass the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam. The AZ-900 practice test also allows you to manage your time and enhances exam-taking skills.

Performing practice tests will make you comfortable with the exam structure and get the confidence to crack the exam on your first attempt.


As no former experience is needed for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 exam, anyone who is a passion for learning. Now that you know all the significant facts about this exam, so launch your AZ-900 prep as soon as possible!

Happy Learning!!