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Your Best Help to Clear CISSP-ISSMP Certification Exam

CISSP-ISSMP is the cybersecurity management certification demonstrating your skills in governing, presenting, and settling information security programs. It also helps to showcase your professionalism in leadership and management skills. As the name indicates, this ISC2 certification incorporates security planning and project management. The most common responsibilities of an ISSMP are to design resiliency, response plans, and continuity.

The ISC2 Information Systems Security Management Professional (CISSP-ISSMP) certification is meant for executives such as chief information security officers, chief information officers, and chief technology officers. The ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP satisfies the U.S. DoD Directive 8570.1 requirements for CSSP Manager job profiles.

ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP Exam Details:

  • Duration of the examination: 3 hours
  • Number of questions: 125
  • Format of the Examination: Multiple choice questions
  • Passing grade: 700 out of 1000
  • Exam Cost: $599

The ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP validates a candidate’s knowledge in six security domains:

  • Domain 1: Leadership and Business Management
  • Domain 2: Systems Lifecycle Management
  • Domain 3: Risk Management
  • Domain 4: Threat Intelligence and Incident Management
  • Domain 5: Contingency Management
  • Domain 6: Law, Ethics, and Security Compliance Management

Proven Tips for CISSP-ISSMP Exam Preparation

The CISSP-ISSMP exam is prestigious and will not be easy to pass unless you take it sincerely. You have to be highly determined and vigorously prepare for the exam. Here are the best tips and the roadmap that will help you to crack the PMP exam on the first attempt:

1. Fix a Time Limit

Determine how much time you need to pass the exam and start preparing for it. Plan and study at least three to four months before the date is decided and ensure it’s a rigorous study of two to three hours daily.

If you are busy in your work life, you must balance your professional and personal life. Working professionals have the benefit of practical experience and can easily refer to them. Therefore it might take less time to understand the CISSP-ISSMP certification syllabus.

2. Enroll in a Training Course

ISC2 provides training courses ensuring that your professional life doesn’t suffer. You can resume your work without placing your preparations on delay. These training courses are created to help exam-takers get complete knowledge and skills of ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP certification concepts, making them prepared for the examination.

3. Obtain Appropriate Books and Study Guides

Books are the traditional way of preparation, and it’s also true in the case of the CISSP-ISSMP certification exam. Dedicated self-study improves the chances of success, infuses the required confidence in aspiring exam-takers, and helps examinees thoroughly understand the exam domain.

4. Attempt CISSP-ISSMP Practice Test

Practice tests are an excellent way to prepare for any IT certification exam, as they give you an overview of how much you are prepared and if any weak areas require intense preparations. You will also enhance your time management skills when you practice a lot of CISSP-ISSMP practice tests. Edusum website provides updated and trustworthy practice tests to help you prepare.

5. Become a Part of Online Communities and Forums

Online communities and forums are an excellent way to come across, like-minded people. As an outcome, you can quickly approach them concerning different topics you face difficulty with. You can also share resources and obtain worthwhile guidelines that will help you swiftly prepare for the CISSP-ISSMP exam.

6. Manage Anxiety

Being anxious is expected in any exam-taking process. All candidates will face a specific amount of anxiety before and on exam day, and the critical thing is not to let it overwhelm them. Throughout the exam preparation, concentrate on comprehending the information completely to crush your anxiety before and during the CISSP-ISSMP exam.

Keep in mind that exam day can be a little different from your practice tests, even if you are familiar with the exam environment. Executing well under pressure can be a big problem for most of us.

Benefits of the ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP Certification

Below are some fantastic benefits of having CISSP-ISSMP certification:

1. CISSP-ISSMP Certification Boosts Your Resume:

It is deemed to be the most prestigious certification exam. Organizations tend to favor applicants who have CISSP-ISSMP certification. By obtaining this certification, one can add value to their CV, leading them to get a job in the desired organizations. Also, it will put you ahead of your peers concerning career promotion.

2. Higher Salary

The most significant benefit of CISSP-ISSMP certification is that it unlocks multiple opportunities for applicants with better salary prospects. It has been observed that people having ISC2 Information Systems Security Management Professional certification earn 20% higher than the ones not holding the certification.

3. Amazing Networking Opportunities

CISSP-ISSMP certification rewards you with distinct job opportunities conveyed by people who appreciate this ISC2 certification. There are plenty of offline and online communities through which CISSP-ISSMP certified professionals communicate, and these communities help make networks worldwide.


Taking the CISSP-ISSMP exam is an immense task, and you must study well. The more understanding you have of exam concepts, the better you can deal with unexpected exam questions during the exam. It requires time and effort, but if you want to pass the exam and get the certification, it’s worth spending some time preparing.

Remember that the ISC2 CISSP-ISSMP exam is tough, but you can definitely pass if you give your best shot. Good Luck!!