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How to Accomplish Microsoft AZ-400 Certification Exam?

Cloud computing remains to modify the way things are executed in the business world. With its tremendous acceptance over the years, the procedures became quicker in all industries. And along with apparent benefits, this also signifies that cloud professionals can’t stay still. From this article, you’ll know more about advancing your career by cracking the AZ-400 exam and achieving the Microsoft Certified – DevOps Engineer Expert certification. So, are they worth your time and exertion? Read on to know all about the AZ-400 exam in detail!

What Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Is All About

Microsoft Certified – DevOps Engineer Expert certification is an expert-level certification only given after you pass the Microsoft AZ-400 exam. The exam comprises 40-60 questions, and you’ll be given 150 minutes to answer them. To pass the exam, you have to earn 700 points or more.

Skills Evaluated in Microsoft AZ-400 exam:

  • Configure processes and communications (10—15%)
  • Design and implement source control (15—20%)
  • Design and implement build and release pipelines (40—45%)
  • Develop a security and compliance plan (10—15%)
  • Implement an instrumentation strategy (10—15%)

The AZ-400 exam is an associate-level examination that needs some experience before taking this exam. So, the AZ-400 certification cost is $165.

Tips to follow for the Microsoft AZ-400 Exam Preparation

Tip-1: Visit the Official Microsoft Page

On the official Microsoft webpage of the AZ-400 exam, you can get all the essential information you must know before starting preparations for the AZ-400 exam. You can easily get fundamental exam info, exam topics, prerequisites, information about study resources, and many more.

This page will feature the updates and recent modifications whenever any change is brought to the exam syllabus or schedules. Most importantly, the links to the registration for the AZ-400 exam are only available from this page.

Tip-2: Avail Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft Azure documentation can work as an adequate option, or you can say, compelling preparation material for the Microsoft DevOps Engineer AZ-400 exam. From that, you can efficiently learn about Azure Repos, Azure pipelines, Azure Artifacts, web portal navigation, Azure test plans, and many other important tools affiliated with Azure DevOps. From this documentation, you can approach public projects, analytic solutions, and comprehensive dashboards. In addition, the intricate Azure DevOps concepts are described in quite a simple manner.

This Microsoft documentation will help you in acquiring a thorough knowledge of Azure DevOps and will solve the technical and conceptual facets. After finishing the learning paths, this documentation will enhance your understanding of AZ-400 syllabus topics.

Tip-3: Go Through Azure White Papers

You can readily get various AZ-400 books, Whitepapers, and analyst reports from the Microsoft Azure official page. These resources will help you update on Azure DevOps and concerning technologies. Particularly for the AZ-400 exam preparation, you can download all these reports. All you require to do is utilize your Microsoft certifications.

Another important learning resource is the Azure newsletter, which can be acquired from their portal. Note that if you subscribe to this notification, you will get updates on the most recent Azure features, events & community activities, and many more in your email.

Tip-4: Avail AZ-400 Books and Study Guides

Though online study materials are reviewed as one of the best options for the AZ-400 exam preparation, AZ-400 books and study guides will also help you prepare. It would be great if you could get a trustworthy study guide for this Microsoft exam preparation. Books and study guides will simplify your preparation process.

It is also advisable to go through some study resources such as e-books or hard-cover books. Keep in mind that these books are also completely useful for imparting knowledge and allowing you to prepare for the exam competently. Apart from the online training and lessons, you can own informative books for comprehensive revision.

Tip-5: Enroll in the Official Training Courses

Microsoft offers on-demand instructor-led training in affiliation with its exam structures for most of the Azure certifications. You can easily find lots of options for training. Additionally, you can pick the AZ-400 training course to learn at your pace.

Some exam-takers don’t like the self-preparation approach, and they need an instructor to explain the AZ-400 syllabus topics. If this is the case, Microsoft’s official instructor-led training course is the best option. It is a learning course that qualifies you with the knowledge and skills required to execute DevOps practices and procedures. Applicants will receive clear instructions from a DevOps expert on how to use scale Git and source control for various businesses.

In short, instruction-led training belongs to an overall preparation module conducted by a professional tutor. The instructor assures the complete preparedness of the applicants for the exam. Those applicants or Azure professionals who want to candidly acquire knowledge on designing and executing DevOps procedures and aspire to crack the Microsoft DevOps Engineer certification exam on the first try must go for this instruction-led training course.

Tip-6: Use AZ-400 Practice Test

It is correctly said that perfection is accomplished with thorough practice. AZ-400 practice tests are adequate sources to assess your preparedness level for this Azure certification exam. Performing AZ-400 practice tests to evaluate your strong and weak areas regarding the knowledge of concepts included in the AZ-400 exam.

When you appear for practice tests, you can understand the exam structure and eventually strengthen your confidence to pass the exam on the first try. Many websites provide practice tests for AZ-400 exam preparation, and therefore, it is advised to first go for the AZ-400 sample test and then spends on the full-length practice tests.

Take AZ-400 Sample Questions Here.

Tip-7: Join Online Study Groups & Communities

Among the different practical approaches that help in Microsoft DevOps Engineer exam preparation, two of the most notable ones are forums and discussion groups. On the Microsoft official website, you can locate a study group. If you are dissatisfied with this study group, you can look out for other forums. From these forums, you can promptly determine solutions for any of your questions relevant to the Microsoft DevOps Engineer exam. Keep in mind that you must stay away from members in such groups who recommend AZ-400 dumps.

Members of such communities share learning resources and resources to help fellow candidates in learning and succeed. Thus, it is one of the most important steps to follow throughout the Microsoft AZ-400 exam preparation.


In the contemporary competitive IT world, the Microsoft DevOps Engineer exam is challenging and one of the high-paid certifications. Those organizations working in Cloud always prefer hiring Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineers who have passed the AZ-400 exam. If you are firm to pass the examination, you have to enforce a lot of effort and have the tolerance to prepare utterly for the same. Following the tips mentioned above helps applicants pass the AZ-400 exam on the first try.