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ISC2 SSCP Certification Exam: Preparation Tips to Help You Get High Scores

The ISC2 SSCP certification is ideal for hands-on, operational IT Administrators, Directors, Managers, and Network Security professionals. SSCP certification shows you have the latest technical skills and knowledge to execute, oversee, and manage IT infrastructure utilizing security best practices, policies, and techniques set up by the cybersecurity experts at ISC2.

SSCP Certification Overview

As with most certifications, the SCCP needs qualified applicants to pass an exam. According to ISC2, this particular exam includes seven critical areas of knowledge:

  • Domain 1. Security Operations and Administration.
  • Domain 2. Access Controls.
  • Domain 3. Risk Identification, Monitoring and Analysis.
  • Domain 4. Incident Response and Recovery.
  • Domain 5. Cryptography.
  • Domain 6. Network and Communications Security.
  • Domain 7. Systems and Application Security.

The exam comprised 125 questions, which needed to be answered in three hours. A passing score is 700 out of 1,000. SSCP certification cost is $249. Once they achieve the certification, they must meet at least 60 credits of continuing education credits every three years to keep it current.

Target Audience

  • Network security engineer
  • Security administrator
  • Security analyst
  • Systems engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Systems administrator
  • Security specialist
  • Systems/network analyst
  • Security consultant
  • Database administrator

Benefits Brought By ISC2 SSCP Certification

Here are a few benefits of earning an SSCP Certification:

  • Proof of skills: Achieving your SSCP certification confirms your knowledge, skill, and proficiency.
  • Boosts Credibility: ISC2 SSCP certification distinguishes you from non-certified professionals, strengthening your marketability and credibility.
  • Evidence of Commitment to the Profession: Working hard to pass the ISC2 SSCP certification exam proves you are committed to your career and constant learning.
  • Career Development: Earning an ISC2 SSCP certification usually fetches promotions, salary hikes, and greater decision-making power.
  • Higher Salary: The SSCP certification salary is $70,000, with the highest-paid being SSCP certified and holding a master’s degree in an associated field.
  • Excellent Career Opportunities: Many organizations are looking for applicants who have explicit certifications even to be considered for employment– in the Department of Defense (DoD). The SSCP certification satisfies the DoD requirements for security certifications for employees who work in information security, as a DoD employee or a subcontractor.
  • Higher Confidence: Achieving an ISC2 SSCP certification will reinforce your confidence and inspiration in your daily work and career. You will already be on the path to earning higher-level certifications such as the CISSP and s on.

Holding the SSCP certification is an advantage for any IT security professional. The certification will prove your understanding and skillset in technology, occupation, and industry if you are at the start of an information security career. Start your IT career on the correct foot with the proper certifications – SSCP is just the conception of what can be a stimulating and rewarding career.

Preparation Tips to Achieve Better Scores in ISC2 SSCP Certification Exam

If you intend to take up the ISC2 SSCP exam, it is clear that you would want to obtain a higher score. The passing score is 700 out of 1000. Though, with thorough practice and some hard work, you can easily get the desired score. Most organizations will evaluate you based on your score as it will straightaway demonstrate your skills in the field.

Here is what you should do to obtain a higher score on the ISC2 SSCP certification exam:

1. Obtain the Appropriate Study Resources

The first thing is to obtain the appropriate study resources. The study resources are available in various forms. You can obtain the study resources from the ISC2 official website. Another option is to enroll in online training courses. Some of the materials can also be taken from online websites; for instance, you can look for practice tests online. But keep in mind that not all websites are trusted, and some of them might be a danger to your laptop or might prove to be a fraud and give you inaccurate study resources. Obtain the study resources from reliable platforms.

2. Have the ISC2 CCSP Certification Syllabus at Hand

Your syllabus is like a route map of your destination; you should always keep it with you. Get a print of the ISC2 SSCP syllabus and refer to it while studying for the exam. Also, keep in mind that you need to have a thorough understanding of each topic covered in the syllabus. Seasoned professionals can get better scores because no book can teach practical concepts.

3. Stay Updated on Industry Trends

If you browse the internet, many articles can provide you with information concerning each topic you are expected to master. The IT field is consistently developing, and you must stay informed about all the facts. You can also watch YouTube videos to stay updated.

4. SSCP Practice Test

ISC2 SSCP practice tests are one of the most significant study resources that you should own. They will help you comprehend the exam better and make the right study plan, and also help you gauge your progress consistently.

5. Stay Persistance and Follow Your Study Plan

You have to create a study plan or strategy. Make sure you follow it strictly. The only way you can obtain a good score is by taking as many SSCP practice tests as possible.


ISC2 SSCP exam is an excellent opportunity to move forward in your career and get a lucrative IT sector job. You must ensure that you leave no stone unturned while preparing for certification. Follow the tips above, and we assure you that you will get through the ISC2 SSCP exam with a good score and receive your certificate.