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An Exciting Journey Towards ISACA CDPSE Exam

There is a void in the industry at present for deep knowledge and skills in carrying out technical privacy requirements. CDPSE is the first technical experience-based certification that confirms the certification holder’s skill in performing privacy controls in their existing and future systems, networks, and applications. ISACA CDPSE provides a valid and reliable means for enterprises to identify technologists competent in including privacy by design into technology platforms, processes, and products, communicating with legal professionals, and retaining the organization’s appreciation efficiently and economically.

CDPSE offers a sound and reliable means for organizations to identify technologists competent in comprising privacy by design into technology platforms, products, and processes, communicating with legal professionals, and keeping the organization compliant efficiently and cost-effectively. CDPSE demonstrates that your team has the technical skills and expertise to evaluate, build and enforce a comprehensive privacy solution while improving business value, customer insights, and trust—eventually enhancing your organization’s image.

ISACA CDPSE Exam Details

  • Applicants can take their exam for any available date/ time/ location within their 365-day eligibility period.
  • It consists of 120 multiple-choice questions in 210 minutes.
  • Applicants must receive a score of at least 450 out of 800 to pass the exam. There are no limitations to the number of attempts an applicant can take the exam.


Before attending this ISACA certification, you should have the following:

Five years of work experience carrying out the work explained within the exam syllabus.

Experience in at least 2 of the exam domains

If you have accomplished one of the following certifications, then you’ll need only three years of work experience:

  • CISA
  • CISM
  • CSX-P
  • FIP

Proven Preparation Tips for ISACA CDPSE Certification Exam

It’s crucial to know that you can’t prepare competently for the ISACA CDPSE exam without boarding on some sincere learning. You’ll have to learn from the professionals in the field. But it would help if you experience what you’ve known to boost the core knowledge and skills in all domains. Let’s look at the tips to help you prepare for the ISACA Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer exam.

1. Do Self-Study

Like all ISACA certification exams, you need to spend your time doing some self-study along with taking CDPSE Online Review Course. It will help you pass the actual exam with good scores.

2. Learn From the Experts

When studying for the ISACA CDPSE exam, you should learn from seasoned professionals with great field experience. They know a lot more than you about this certification exam, and they will be able to direct you consequently.

3. Revision is a Must

Even if you have taken the CDPSE Online Review Course offered by ISACA, it is still imperative that you go through everything you have studied before taking the exam. This way, you will be able to evolve the core knowledge and skills exam domains.

4. Take CDPSE Practice Tests

Take as many CDPSE practice tests as possible to become familiar with the exam structure and syllabus and to measure your knowledge base. This will also help you determine your strong and weak areas.

5. Join Online Study Groups

Some individuals think that studying independently is more effective than studying in a group. But it is not completely true. When you study alone you only utilize the resources you have and you only think of concepts in one way. But in a study group, you get to come across many learning materials and people who think in distinct ways. Another advantage in the study group is that when someone raises a question it gets the swirls in your brain turning since you have to find a way to define the concept to that person.

Is the ISACA CDPSE Worth It?

As the cybersecurity skills gap grows and concerns for data privacy and security mount, there has slowly been more emphasis on a professional’s experience and certifications and less on the formal degrees they may have earned. While this does not discount the severity and advantages of security and risk management-oriented degree programs, a CDPSE certification, as with any ISACA privacy certification, is a candid way to prove your knowledge. It also confirms your expertise in enforcing privacy and security standards in an organization’s technology systems and applications.

In particular, ISACA notes the following benefits of being certified:

  • Solid grasp of data lifecycle management, laws, and guidelines for data storage, rescue, and destruction
  • Assuring compliance effectively and cost-effectively
  • Comprehensive knowledge of data privacy
  • Capability to fill the gap between the legal and IT aspects of data privacy and promote a prevailing understanding of privacy best practices
  • Skill in identifying privacy threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities, mitigating risk, and maximizing the end-user experience
  • Capability to assure that all PII/PHI is identified and managed by legal requirements, managing policies, and data subject rights.


ISACA CDPSE exam preparation can be a daunting task. But with the right preparation resources and experience, you can pass the exam with flying scores. This ISACA exam is valuable to your career, and you should ensure that you give your best shot. You can never go wrong with absolute preparation, so start preparing now. Good Luck!