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Why GSEC Certification Is Important to Your Career?

The GSEC certification, awarded by Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC), goes beyond confirming a practitioner’s information security expertise through understanding concepts and standard terminology. The GIAC Security Essentials certification supports the expertise of a practitioner regarding hands-on roles in IT systems, with a definite emphasis on security tasks.

It includes penetration testing, Linux and Windows security, cryptography, vulnerability scanning, web communication, virtualization, cloud, and endpoint security.

The GIAC Security Essentials (GSEC) Certification confirms a practitioner’s understanding of information security concepts and terminology exceeding the fundamentals. GSEC certification holders demonstrate that they can execute security duties in practical IT systems. 

GIAC GSEC Certification Exam Information

  • Number of questions: 106-180
  • Time limit: 300 minutes (5 hours)
  • Passing score: 73% or higher
  • Prerequisites: none
  • GSEC Certification Cost: $2499

Certification is valid for four years. To stay current and competitive in the cybersecurity field, you need to obtain 36 credits over four years to retain your certification active.

GIAC Security Essentials is an open-book exam. This exam measures an applicant’s knowledge and problem-solving skills with scenario-based questions. You must have a profound understanding of all the concepts to pass this GIAC certification exam.

To get the complete details about topics covered in the exam, click here.

GIAC GSEC Exam Preparation Tips

  • According to GIAC, the average exam-taker spends three to four months studying for one of its exams.
  • If you want to crack the GIAC GSEC certification exam on the first attempt, it’s essential that you obtain the relevant resources.
  • You will have limited time to make the most out of the study resources you have.
  • You need to assign at least one hour on a daily basis to pass the GSEC exam on the first attempt.
  • When it comes to GIAC exam preparation, there are pros and cons; the pro is that all GIAC exams are open-book exams.
  • The con news is that the training books are purposely created not to have an index, so there’s no way to mention important concepts during the exam. Test takers are left to make their index, sometimes using innovative techniques.
  • You need to take up the GSEC practice tests to gauge your exam-taking skills though it is an open-book exam.

Take Up SANS GSEC Training Course

One of the best GIAC exam preparation means comprises SANS training courses. SANS training courses will help you to study competently for any GIAC certification by teaching you vital security skills concerning the GIAC GSEC certification.

At present, SANS courses are conducted in three different forms: Live Online, OnDemand, or In-Person, so no matter which training option you select, you can fulfill your responsibilities at work and home.

Benefits of Earning GIAC GSEC Certification

  • Apart from your personal satisfaction and letting organizations know that you’ve spent precious time and money to prepare and pass the GIAC Security Essentials certification exam, you shouldn’t anticipate much more. But don’t stop there; explore whether the GSEC is fit for you or not.
  • Irrespective of the conditions, achieving the GSEC certification demonstrates you’ve acquired a suitable and valuable cyber security skill set that will not go overlooked.
  • Passing the GIAC Security Essentials exam indicates you’ve learned the necessary requirements of your profession, showing organizations how sincere you are about your career in the information security field.
  • If you add this renowned certification to your CV, your hiring managers know that you hold the knowledge required to satisfy the requirements of that very technical role.
  • A straightforward search on Indeed delivers you an idea of how agreeably the GSEC certification is accepted by the security industry and gives you an all-around sense of how many organizations appreciate GIAC GSEC-certified professionals. This certification is sure to strengthen your profile in the cybersecurity job market.

Here’s a brief of the benefits the GSEC Certification fetches:

  • Qualifies you for higher-paying job profiles.
  • Ample opportunities and paths to various career paths
  • Appreciation of your knowledge related to the field
  • Global approval and demand as a qualified professional
  • Pave a path for higher-level cybersecurity certifications

GSEC Certification Salary

GSEC-certified professionals can receive, on average, between $80k to $91k per year.

So, it’s safe to say that if you hold the GSEC certification, you’ll ultimately receive an average salary of $85k.

Bear in mind that these are median salaries; your actual salary relies heavily on your post and responsibilities. You should clearly not expect a Junior Cybersecurity Analyst to make the same as a Senior Cybersecurity Engineer, regardless of the same certifications.