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ISC2 CISSP Practice Exam: The Best Preparation Material

CISSP is a globally-recognized advanced certification from ISC2, confirming your proficiency to design, implement and handle information security systems. Do you intend to become a Certified Information Systems Security Professional? Looking for an easy, quick, and proven way to pass the CISSP exam? If your answer is Yes, then you do not need to worry. Take the help of training courses, study guides, and CISSP practice exams. These resources will make your preparation journey smooth and ensure your success in the CISSP exam.

Essential Information About ISC2 CISSP Exam

To obtain the esteemed CISSP certification, the exam is one essential step. Passing this examination with a good score can make you accomplish your career objectives. The CISSP exam lasts 180 mins and includes 100-150 multiple-choice questions and advanced innovative questions that evaluate the applicant’s knowledge and understanding of the eight domains of the ISC2 Common Body of Knowledge, which is as follow:

  • Security and Risk Management – 15%
  • Asset Security – 10%
  • Security Architecture and Engineering – 13%
  • Communication and Network Security – 13%
  • Identity and Access Management (IAM) – 13%
  • Security Assessment and Testing – 12%
  • Security Operations – 13%
  • Software Development Security – 11%

You need to obtain a score of 700 or higher out of 1000 to pass the exam. The CISSP exam is available in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Japanese, simplified Chinese, Korean, and a visually impaired format. Pearson VUE conducts the certification exam, which is held at Pearson VUE test centers.

Is The CISSP Difficult or an Easy Exam?

The CISSP certification exam is recognized as one of the more difficult cybersecurity certification exams. As such, it is not unusual for even seasoned cyber professionals to fail on their first try.

CISSP certification needs applicants to be experts in the field of cybersecurity, which is often beneficial on the CISSP syllabus and performance-based questions. Though, many CISSP questions line up with how a security or risk manager would act or think, not how a technologist would execute. Years of technically carrying out information security tasks can actually lead to wrongly answering questions that should be addressed from a process or managerial point of view. The biggest challenge is retraining yourself to think about the exam and how ISC2 anticipates you to answer.

How to Pass the ISC2 CISSP Certification Exam?

As stated above, the major challenge IS professionals face when dealing with the CISSP exam is their inclination to answer from their point of view as a technologist in the field. To pass the CISSP certification exam, it is essential to look at the exam from the perspective of an Information Security Manager and the procedure requirements such a role requires to adhere to.

Referring to CISSP exam preparation, most people take five to six months to study the CISSP syllabus topics using the below-mentioned resources:

  • Instructor-led training courses
  • Self-paced training videos
  • Study guides
  • CISSP Practice exam
  • Flashcards
  • Online communities

How Can CISSP Practice Exam Benefit You?

1. Assess your Preparation Level

The CISSP practice exam will give you a reality check on how productive your preparation is. Practice exams will help you memorize the concepts and not forget things that you have studied and mastered.

Practice exams are a way for you to revise everything that you have studied in your training course and through study guides. This revision helps you put into perspective your strengths, weaknesses, and improvements. Once you revise the whole syllabus, you can concentrate on your development areas better.

2. CISSP Practice Exam Boost Your Time Management Skills

Attempting the CISSP practice exam every day will give you an idea of how slow or fast you are. When you answer CISSP practice questions, you might perceive that you require more time on a few questions, less for another, or run out of time.

Once you understand this, you can plan how much time to spend on each topic in such a way that you can answer all the CISSP exam questions and even have enough time to think about a definite question.

3. Identify Your Weak and Strong Areas

Once you solve a CISSP practice exam, you will know your strong and weak areas. And which topics in a definite topic are easy and which are difficult.

4. CISSP Practice Exam Gives exam-like experience

If you’re sitting for 3 hours to take a CISSP practice exam, you’re actually doing yourself a great help and being ready for the actual exam. You experience an actual exam-like experience before the real exam. Some exam-takers find it difficult to sit in front of a computer/laptop screen for a long period of time. This issue gets resolved with the online CISSP practice exam as it trains your mind and molds you on the right path to becoming prepared to manage to sit for three hours.

At the End

The ISC2 CISSP exam questions can be tricky, but when you take practice exams before the actual exam, you will get familiar with the structure and style of these questions. You should take full-length practice tests before attempting the certification exam.