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CISSP-ISSAP Exam: Tips and Tricks That Can Help You Pass With Flying Colors

The Information Systems Security Architecture Professional (ISSAP) is a CISSP specializing in plotting security solutions and offering management with risk-based guidance to satisfy organizational objectives. They are experts in simplifying the configuration of security solutions within the organizational setting, like mission, vision, strategy, policies, requirements, change, and external factors. To qualify for and achieve the ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP certification, the applicant must possess the CISSP certification, sit for and crack the ISSAP examination, and keep the ISSAP certification in good status.

Overview of CISSP-ISSAP Certification

CISSP-ISSAP certification is less acknowledged and known than CISSP, which can impact your motivation. On the contrary, fewer people have it, which is a suitable lift for architecture area knowledge.

ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP Exam Information

The exam comprises 125 questions, and you have 3 hours to answer all the exam questions. It’s half of CISSP. The CISSP-ISSAP certification cost is US$ 599.

The CISSP-ISSAP certification confirms comprehensive, vast knowledge in the following areas of the CBK:

  • Domain 1. Architect for Governance, Compliance, and Risk Management
  • Domain 2. Security Architecture Modeling
  • Domain 3. Infrastructure Security Architecture
  • Domain 4. Identity and Access Management (IAM) Architecture
  • Domain 5. Architect for Application Security
  • Domain 6. Security Operations Architecture

Tips to Prepare For ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP Certification Exam

1. Understand the Exam In Detail

While this might appear naive, many candidates often ignore this simple yet essential step. Before preparing for the exam, try to understand the exam structure and syllabus thoroughly.

Explore the ISC2 official website to avail all the essential information about this CISSP concentration exam. With a simple google search, you will come across many links that provide information about exam preparation resources, videos, and much more.

2. Get Enough Knowledge about CISSP-ISSAP Domains

Once you know the exam in and out, the following step is recognizing and understanding the CISSP-ISSAP domains. To get all the details about the exam domains, visit the official website or click here.

You’ll also get to understand all the domains and the number of questions allocated to each domain. As per the information, it’ll be easier for you to make a realistic study plan.

3. Design a Realistic Study Plan and Strictly Follow It

Because of the extent of the topics covered in the ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP syllabus, you need to make a solid study plan. This study plan should take into account a study timeline that counts down the day until the scheduled exam. While everyone’s knowledge and experience level are diverse hence, you should make a study plan according to your learning style and familiarity with exam topics.

You must simply assign enough time to read over the entire Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). While reading over the CBK, you ought to study, perform practice tests, review topics that need improvement and participate in online communities to attain more insight. This can be a lot of chores to execute, and without appropriate planning, the chances of doing everything significantly decrease, and your odds of passing the exam fall off. Therefore, you must create a study plan that fits your schedule.

4. Become a Member of a Relevant Online Community

There are many online communities relevant to ISC2 certifications where candidates can share their experiences and get closer. If you don’t know any such community, browse google, and you will be shocked to see the huge list of online communities that will pop up.

It is important to check the source’s reliability when it about acquiring information from an online community. Whatever information you find online, it’s essential that you cross-check it in any official source, such as official books, publications, and other resources. Most exam-takers share their experiences and ideas online. Actively participate in such discussions, put forward your doubts, and share your experiences to get a versatile perspective about the ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP exam.

5. Take CISSP-ISSAP Practice Tests for Improved Learning

The CISSP-ISSAP exam is comprised of 125 exam questions that need to be answered in three hours, which suggests you only spend less than two minutes for each question. This means that you don’t require to have excellent knowledge of all eight domains but also good time management skills and exam-taking skills.

The best way to deal with these problems is to perform as many CISSP-ISSAP practice tests as you can. With the help of practice tests, you’ll be able to manage your time accurately and will also identify your weak and strong areas. And according to the result of practice tests, make changes to your study plan.

6. Take the ISC2 CISSP-ISSAP Exam

As with any exam, be assured of getting good sleep and getting ready to ace the exam. You should avoid cramming the exam content at the last minute to stay relaxed and concentrate on the exam questions. Try to be calm and avoid distractions and keep cool during the examination.


The CISSP-ISSAP certification is like a lifetime venture; thus, passing the exam can be an advantage and profitable investment and enhance your skills. However, to maintain your CISSP credentials, you must recertify them every three years by earning continuous professional education.