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F5 Certification: Design Your Future Growth

F5 Networks is famous for its software- and appliance-based cloud and security application services solutions according to the Organization’s BIG-IP product suite. F5’s prime solution is their BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager. Like many IT certification vendors, F5 supports certification programs to assure that clients and channel partners have an approach to a pool of F5-certified IT professionals having the guaranteed expertise to build, design, deploy and manage F5-based solutions. F5 delivers a complete F5 certification program with a definite F5 certification pathway for IT professionals.

Overview of F5 Certification

F5 provides four certification tracks comprising various job profiles—Administration, Sales, Product Specialization, and Solutions Engineering. Select the path that fits your requirements and the extent of expertise needed for your career or industry.

F5 Administrator Track

Completing an Administrator track confirms that you have the basic knowledge essential to manage, support, and accomplish fundamental fault isolation of formerly installed and configured F5 products or solutions.

F5 Technical Professional Track

Accomplishing the F5 Technical Professional certification track authenticates that you own the skills, understanding, and unique knowledge of F5 solutions, qualifying you to work more efficiently with the F5 ecosystem.

F5 Technical Specialist Track

Concluding a Technical Specialist track affirms that you have the expert-level knowledge required to design, enforce, and troubleshoot a definite F5 product in the context of an all-around solution.

F5 Solution Expert Track

Getting through the Solution Expert track authenticates that you have the expert-level proficiency to architect and design complex, unified solutions with multiple F5 products and industry standards in line with business and technical requirements.

F5 certifications are valid for two years from the date an individual certifies. Validity is based on the last, highest certificate that the F5-certified individual has earned.

Importance of Earning F5 Certification

F5 certifications are accepted around the world and greatly appreciated by organizations. Certification proves your dedication to ongoing learning and professional development and your passion for catching up with the latest industry trends. F5 certifications are the best means to set you apart from the competition in the job market and demonstrate that you’re serious about your career.

Job Opportunities After Earning F5 Certificatiomn

Because F5 is considered to be focused on extensively networked environments, one could expect to find F5-related jobs like network specialists, network engineers, network administrators, architects, systems engineers, and consultants. A higher salary is an alluring benefit for any individual. The average F5 certification salary is approximately $116,000 for an average Software Engineer, $122,000 for a Network Engineer, and $160,000 for an F5 certification holder Pre-Sales Engineer.

F5 Certification Exams: How to Prepare and Pass

Believing you are already acquainted with the F5 product line and have attained a level of expertise utilizing them, here are a few tips to help you prepare for an F5 exams:

Understand the Difference Between an F5 Exam and a Certification

An F5 exam evaluates your knowledge of configuring and utilizing specific F5 products, and certification confirms your skills across the entire F5 product line.

Select the Right F5 Certification Exam

There are four major types of exams provided by F5: Fundamental, Practitioner, Associate, and Professional. The Fundamental level certification exam is designed for those fresh to F5 or IT as a whole. The Practitioner level is meant for those with experience configuring and managing F5 products, and the Associate level is designed for those with complete knowledge of the complete F5 product line. The Professional level track is the top level of certification given by F5 and demands extensive experience working with all facets of the organization’s products.

Study Hard

Along with understanding the products completely, you must be acquainted with standard industry terms and concepts. The best way to do this is to know the content outlines for each exam on the F5 official website and then obtain appropriate study resources to help you learn more about each topic.

Take Practice Exams

There is a large number of online resources for F5 practice tests. Make sure to do your due exertion to ensure the quality of the practice tests and the platform’s prestige before performing the F5 practice exams. One such prestigious website is certfun.

Practice tests are great for measuring your preparedness. These practice tests are performed online and assess you with practice questions that mimic the same structure as an actual F5 exams. Perform these practice tests to become familiar with the timing and pressure.


There are incredible potentials that you can access as you continue to progress in your quest to earn F5 certifications. It is really crucial to spend your valuable time on the right skills at the right time. Becoming a Network Engineer appears to be an easy task. But the add-on skills surely boost the value of your job position. It helps you distinguish from the crowd. Start your F5 certification journey now!!