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Surprising Benefits of Microsoft SC-900 Practice Test

The capability to describe security, compliance, and identity theories, and the abilities of Microsoft identity and access management solutions, security solutions through Microsoft, and compliance solutions from Microsoft, has been assessed by the SC-900 exam, also termed as Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam. This post focuses on the SC-900 exam details, how to pass it, and the importance of the SC-900 practice test for exam preparation.

The SC-900 exam is a Microsoft Azure Security Technologies certification exam, and it evaluates the user’s skill to monitor, implement, and troubleshoot Azure security technologies. Users must have a solid grasp of Azure security concepts and the ability to utilize them in practical situations if they want to pass the SC-900 exam. Users must also be acquainted with the tools and methods to defend Azure resources.

Passing the Microsoft Exam SC-900 is a requirement for becoming Microsoft Certified in Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals.

SC-900 Exam Information

If you want to take up the SC-900 exam, you must understand its structure. There are around 40-60 questions in different formats. The SC-900 exam question types include multiple-choice questions where the exam-takers are expected to arrange the answers in the right order, scenario-based single-answer questions, and drag-and-drop questions.

Exam Objectives

The Microsoft SC 900 exam assesses the proficiency of the applicants in the following objectives:

  • Describe the concepts of security, compliance, and identity (10–15%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), part of Microsoft Entra
  • (25–30%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft Security solutions (25–30%)
  • Describe the capabilities of Microsoft compliance solutions (25–30%)

Targeted Audience

Fresher or experienced IT professionals, business stakeholders, or students who are occupied with Microsoft compliance, security, and identity management create a part of the large target audience for this Microsoft exam.

Tips to Improve Your Microsoft SC-900 Exam Preparation

1. Understand All the Essential Information About SC-900 Exam

Before beginning the SC-900 exam preparation, you must acquire all the essential information regarding its structure. It will help you chart out your study plan accordingly. This will also help you on which topics you will be evaluated. Comprehending the examination, question types, syllabus, difficulty level, etc., can place you in a good position. It will not only prepare you for the eventual test up ahead but also play an important role in allowing you to enforce effective strategies to deal with the exam efficiently.

2. Avail Useful Learning Materials

Now that you are conversant with the SC-900 exam pattern, the next step is to obtain the right learning materials. Many study guides are available online as well as offline that will help you evolve your experience in managing and executing networking systems. You should do thorough research and select the best resources. Make sure you obtain at least three to four learning resources to cover all the exam topics in detail.

3. Explore the Official Microsoft Website

All the information you looking for concerning the Microsoft SC-900 exam is available on the Microsoft official website. They also provide learning materials, such as training courses, Microsoft community, official practice exams, and so on.

4. Make a Realistic Study Plan

Thorough preparation is very crucial to crack the Microsoft SC-900 exam. You must give your best throughout the exam preparation journey. Sit down and create a carefully planned study plan where you split the syllabus over the days before the scheduled exam. Try to study at the same time every day so that you get inveterate with the plan and it doesn’t experience being frenetic. Also, study in a place calm place.

5. Attempt the Microsoft SC-900 Practice Test

Performing the practice test is the most practical way to know how the exam will be. Practice tests mimic the actual exam environment and exam structure. The number of questions, level of difficulty, and time duration is also the same. Performing the SC-900 practice test will boost your confidence and, along with that, share your time management skills. Both of these are significant aspects that will help you pass the Microsoft SC-900 exam with a flying score.

6. Stay Calm and Confident

If you strictly follow the steps described above and are committed to performing well on the exam, you must be calm and confident. You have studied from the best available materials and are all set to ace this Microsoft exam, so there is no space to feel worried. Manage your time rationally during the exam and answer all the SC-900 exam questions confidently. These skills are best acquired by practicing on the SC-900 exam questions regularly, so you should never overlook their importance.

SC-900 Practice Test: Advantages

Before you do anything, it is always better to perceive how that particular action or exercise will help you. So, let’s explore the advantages of performing the SC-900 practice test.

  • You can get familiar with the exam pattern in detail with the help of SC-900 practice tests.
  • Performing the Microsoft SC-900 practice test is the best way to revise all the syllabus topics.
  • Allows you to understand your entire SC-900 exam preparation
  • SC-900 practice tests assess your preparation level step-by-step
  • Pinpoint your strong and weak areas
  • SC-900 practice tests mimic the actual exam environment.
  • The more SC-900 practice test you attempt, the better you will be able to comprehend the type of exam questions and other features.
  • Wipe out pre-exam jitters.
  • Helps you keep a record of the time and enhance your speed and accuracy
  • SC-900 practice test helps you make out which topics are more significant than others for each subject. So, answer more SC-900 exam questions on subjectively tough topics.


Following these tips will help you prepare adequately for the Microsoft SC-900 exam. Even though Microsoft exams are challenging, they can help successful applicants launch a thriving career as they get a chance to evolve the essential skills and technological knowledge of one of the most respected organizations across the world. Stay dedicated and focused during your preparation, and you will be able to pass the Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals exam.