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Be Well-Prepared to Ace F5 301B Exam

F5 301B Exam Introduction

The F5 301B-Local Traffic Manager Specialist exam is the second exam needed to gain F5 Certified Technology Specialist, Local Traffic Manager (F5-CTS, LTM) certification.

This exam specifies professionals are qualified to create, enforce, maintain, and solve progressive F5 product descriptions to improve the efficacy of an Application Delivery Network. They comprehend fundamental principles – from SSL-based VPN implementation to proportional and disproportionate the accelerating unit can sketch on that knowledge to merge the Local Traffic Manager.

(LTM) into living networks as well as new performances.

F5 301B Exam Details

The F5 301B – BIG-IP LTM Specialist exam comprises 80 multiple-choice questions that take 90 minutes to complete. The required marks are 245 out of 350 and above for you to get a pass status, and the fee for the test is $180.

How Do You Prepare for the F5 301B – BIG-IP LTM Specialist Exam?

The preparation for any examination must have a solid foundation. So, let’s look at how you can study and crack F5 301B – BIG-IP LTM Specialist exam on your first try.

Know the Exam Topics

This step is essential before studying for the F5 301B certification exam. You must first learn and comprehend the exam topics. They let you understand what to learn and obtain relevant study resources. You must know the points to avoid learning outside materials for your exam. So, what is the matter of preparation for this F5 certification exam in the first position if you don’t know the exam topics in detail?

The exam syllabus topics that you require to learn to pass the F5 301B certification exam are the following:

  1. Troubleshoot Basic Virtual Server Connectivity Issues
  2. Identify And Resolve Application Issues
  3. Identify And Resolve LTM Device Issues

Select the Most Helpful Preparation Resources

After proceeding through the exam topics, the next step is selecting your exam materials. There are various learning materials related to the F5 301B exam, but you must choose carefully and save time and money on irrelevant information. Let us focus on those prep devices you can utilize for your preparation method. You can obtain a study guide, training course, online videos, and practice tests.

Use F5 301B Practice Tests

Certfun is a worthwhile site that offers practice tests for various certification exams. This website delivers the most valuable F5 301B practice exam developed to support you in preparing for your exam. 

Practice tests can upgrade your skills in more ways than you could ever think of. Take practice tests to get familiar with the questions you will encounter in the exam and build your confidence.

Benefits of Passing the F5 301B Exam

Here are a few of the causes why cracking the F5 301B – BIG-IP LTM Specialist exam can be beneficial for your IT career:

A Certification from the Prestigious Vendor F5

The F5 is well-known worldwide for providing the best IT certificates. Thus, any particular certification by this vendor always has the best chance of anchoring a role they forever wanted to have than the uncertified applicants. F5 is a prestigious certification that will improve your opportunities of receiving your perfect job. With this certification, you can receive an average salary varying from $106K – $154K.

Passing the F5 301B Exam Indicates Your Diligence and Dedication

Preparation for The F5 301B – BIG-IP LTM Specialist exam needs diligence and dedication, and it is no other option to gain your dream of cracking this exam. The exam preparation usually demands hard work and dedication from you. Therefore, achieving passing grades proves you are energetic and robust. These are a few critical points employers are scanning for when recruiting new professionals, and they offer that you can perform and focus on your appointed jobs without providing up.

Qualifies You to Deliver Best Customer Services

The F5 BIG-IP LTM Specialist is prepared to equip exam holders with a mature understanding of handling procedure applications. The talents you acquire through this certification exam will help you to benefit the customers best and raise your client’s ground.


You can make your course of learning during your F5 301B exam preparation by enrolling in the training course, watching videos, and taking practice tests. Any study material will be helpful. And the best thing here is that you can merge them into the track you want. The most essential is to get all the necessary understanding for the exam. All the Best!!