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Atlassian ACP-120 Study Guide to Help You Get More Marks

Overview of ACP-120 Jira Cloud administrator for Cloud Certification

ACP-120 Jira Cloud administrator for Cloud Certification, also familiar as ACP-JCA, is one of the most demanding certifications published by Atlassian. This Certification covers setting up and handling Jira Cloud to support any growth or business group.

ACP-120 ACP-JCA Exam Topics

  • User Features (10-15%)
  • Configuring Global Settings and User Communications (5-10%)
  • Product and Project Access and Permissions (30-35%)
  • General Project Configuration (10-15%)
  • Issue Types, Fields, and Screens (15-20%)
  • Workflows and Automation (5-10%)
  • Notifications and Email (5-10%)
  • Administering and Extending Jira (5-10%)


  • You should have at least 1-2 years of knowledge assisting Jira Cloud.
  • Skills to analyze and reword business needs into product features.
  • Knowledge exponent concerning the procedure, safety, approvals, project plans, and system configuration available through user communication.
  • Understanding Jira Cloud.
  • Knowledge about how organizational options involve Jira’s scalability and everyday handleability.

ACP-120 Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Cloud Administrator (ACP-JCA)
  • Exam Code: ACP-120
  • Exam Price: $250 (USD)
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Number of Questions: 75
  • Passing Score: 64%

How to Pass ACP-120 ACP-JCA Exam?

  • Read the available certification study materials a minimum of 2-3 times. All the study material is created to provide you with all the issues and subjects to explore more in-depth.
  • Make the most out of the Atlassian website to see answers to any questions you might have. Just browse on the internet, and you will know the answer on their intersection page, community page, or support page.
  • Acquire hands-on experience. You will require to practice some techniques. Though that’s your day-to-day work, there is some benefit point that you infrequently or never fight. So test them on your acknowledge—for example, NextGen project, mail handler, Security Level, Issue Context, etc.
  • Understand the variation within new-generation and excellent projects. There are several questions about new-generation projects, so you should understand the totality of this Cloud configuration.
  • Attempt the easy ACP-120 exam questions first. Try about 20 questions equal to the ones you will come across throughout the exam.
  • Gauge your learning with practice tests. To identify your weak and strong areas, you ought to take ACP-120 practice tests. Practice tests can familiarize exam-takers with the structure and types of questions they will confront on the actual exam. As exam-takers become more familiar with the exam structure and capabilities, they may feel more confident and less worried on exam day.
  • Read the ACP-120 exam questions carefully before answering them.
  • The answer to one question might be in one more. Occasionally you will see your reply in an additional question or idea. 

Benefits Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Cloud Administrator (ACP-JCA ACP-120) Certification

ACP-JCA ACP-120 Certification Equips You With Unique Skills

You will gain the skills to configure and manage Jira Software to support any development or business team. When you crack this ACP-120 certification exam, you confirm that you have comprehended what is desired of you in your area and have achieved all the needed skills.

It Supports You in Becoming Dynamic and Experienced

Just like all other Atlassian certification exams, this one needs your practice. By accomplishing so, you evolve as a more experienced professional in the field, which signifies that you can deliver solutions in real-world scenarios. The IT professionals who have passed ACP-120 Atlassian Jira Administration for Cloud exam are known to be dynamic and experienced.

It Displays Your Expertise, Competence, and Effort

There is no preferred way to display your competence and effort than to crack such a challenging certification exam as ACP-120. Carrying the Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Cloud Administrator certification demonstrates your commitment to accomplishing given responsibilities. Furthermore, you also indicate your present or potential employer’s willingness and capability to complete assigned tasks.

It Provides Job Security

Obtaining a job generally becomes easier when you have a certification to validate your abilities. Many applicants desire professionals with the proper skills and certifications to authenticate them. So, passing the ACP-120 ACP-JCA exam will confirm that you have the skills the hiring managers are looking for.

ACP-JCA ACP-120 Certification Is a Way to Get a Higher Salary and Promotions

After getting the ACP-120 Atlassian Jira Administration for Cloud certification, you are more likely to gain more professional roles or an upgrade, and these progressive positions usually arrive with better pay. So, by earning ACP-120 (JCA) certification, you are raising your options of obtaining a better job title and gaining more salary.


In conclusion, the ACP-120 certification exam can be valuable for growing your career and proving your knowledge and skills. Taking ACP-120 Jira Certification practice tests can be a useful way to prepare for this exam by familiarizing yourself with the exam structure, identifying your level of preparation, developing exam-taking strategies, and boosting your confidence. Further, the benefits of Atlassian Certified Professional – Jira Cloud Administrator (ACP-JCA) certification can include increased job opportunities, higher earning potential, and professional recognition. Following the tips outlined in this article can increase your chances of success on your certification exam and accomplish your career goals.