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BTA CBSA Exam Tips – Be Ready for a Great Success

As Blockchain and digital currency expand, the requirement for industry experts skilled in the technology upgrades apart from authorized experts to have the benefit of validating their understanding of the field. The Blockchain Training Alliance and computer-based testing leader offer blockchain certifications to provide developers and software designers with fundamental blockchain abilities. Here we will focus on BTA CBSA Certification.

Essential Details About BTA CBSA Certification

The BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) exam is a proven way to prove your understanding and ability in this new field. Moreover, you will become a member of a community of Blockchain professionals. With certification arrives monthly industry upgrades through video and email. A person having this BTA certification has confirmed their ability to:

  • Determine relevant blockchain systems for various cases.
  • Deal competently with permissions and public blockchain systems.
  • Develop blockchain solutions.
  • Collaborate impressively with blockchain engineers and technical leaders.

BTA CBSA Exam Information

BTA CBSA exam is a 70-question multiple-choice exam that lasts 90 minutes and is a performance-based evaluation of fundamental Solution Architect abilities and understanding. Performance-based testing means that applicants must reply to questions to remember how they must act on the job. Internet entrance is delivered outside the BTA CBSA exam, course content, or study manuals. The passing score is 70%.

Intended Audience

This BTA CBSA certification is ideal for technical leaders working with the environment, architecture, and development platforms. The intended audience is Software Engineers, CEOs/CTO/CIOs, Government Officials, Consultants, Programmers & Developers, and University Professors.

BTA CBSA Exam Preparation – Step-By-Step Guide

You will be confident to pass any exam if you have prepared adequately. With the essence of a good approach, it becomes vital to follow the correct steps for BTA CBSA exam preparation. Let’s have a short of the preparation steps to be followed:

1. Go through Official Certification Page on Blockchain Council Website

Blockchain Council has provided all the exam objectives and details on its official website. This is an essential step in your certification path to get familiar with the exam correctly. You will get all the details about the BTA CBSA exam and other official resources like e-books, Blockchain articles, use case tutorials, and much more, which could add importance to your Certified Blockchain Professional practice.

2. Understand the Exam Objectives

The Certified Blockchain Solution Architect (CBSA) exam covers several modules. Your Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam preparation should be concentrated on guarding the vast practical experience and ability of an experienced in the following primary areas:

  • Architect blockchain solutions
  • Work effectively with blockchain engineers and technical leaders
  • Choose appropriate blockchain systems for various use cases
  • Work effectively with both public and permissioned blockchain systems
  • Furthermore, the CBSA exam is created in a way to cover all the levels of sophistication of Blockchain technology.

3. Enroll in an Online Instructor-Led Training Course

Many websites provide online training courses for BTA CBSA exam preparation. BTA also provides Instructor-led Classes and On Demand, Classes to get an in-depth understanding of the exam topics and boost your preparation.

4. Read Some Good Books and Study Guides

You can learn from books and study guides if you want to thoroughly learn exam objectives. Many books on Blockchain technology can help your BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam preparation.

5. Become a Member of Blockchain Communities and Forum Discussions

With practice and theoretical knowledge, actual time experience is valued even better in any environment. So, for BTA CBSA exam preparation, it is imperative to stay upgraded about the latest technology trends and relevant problem strategies. Following groups, blogs, and group discussions to get trained influentially in this concern. You can discover many Blockchain groups on Linkedin and Facebook. Additionally, various platforms will deliver helpful information on the most delinquent Blockchain-relevant developments.

Take BTA CBSA Practice Test

Certified Blockchain Solution Architect practice is an intricate exam; you must understand the exam structure and syllabus topics in detail to sweep through the exam. Answering 70 exam questions within 90 minutes needs extreme practice. Therefore, taking practice tests is a must. This will tell you about your knowledge gaps. Furthermore, you will understand the kind of Certified Blockchain Solution Architect exam questions likely to be asked.

Are you studying for BTA CBSA exam? Check your preparation level with the CertFun Certified Blockchain Solution Architect Practice Tests.

How Can BTA CBSA Certification Propel Your Career?

Blockchain expertise is the first step in developing your new profession; the next step is obtaining your blockchain certification, such as BTA CBSA certification. If you require more grounds to receive the certificate, keep on reading the following section:

Career Advancement

If reconsidered, salary is a more significant ground for job profile selection.

If you’re looking for a position that pays more than moderate and will likely only persist in developing, seeking a job in blockchain technology may be what you’re glancing for. Recent surveys report that blockchain engineer earnings are predicted to soar, with moderate payments in the U.S. going from $150,000 and $175,000. On-the-job knowledge and BTA CBSA certification permit you to arrange a pay on the more high end of that content.

Flexible Work Schedules

Another excellent characteristic of any job occupation is flexible work schedules. In today’s busy world, the skill to work in a position that delivers stability can bear a long distance. If you want the option to work from home, work an irregular schedule, or encounter a job in just about any significant city worldwide, the Blockchain area is one industry that offers this type of tractability. More correctly, because more firms notice the significance of using blockchain technology, BTA CBSA-certified professionals are much more likely to receive a job with greater flexibility.

Because many companies quickly perceive blockchain technology’s advantages, it indicates that you’ll never feel fed up. Such as giving you the idea that you’re performing as a blockchain professional for a firm in the retail trade, but you ultimately want to experiment with new and more complex things. You can change something by carrying on an open position as a blockchain engineer in the medical field. While the center of your responsibilities may stay identical, you always see a modification when you change too many industries. This is just another example of the impossible flexibility that an existing certified blockchain expert delivers.

Proven Dedication

Understanding something unique on your own does offer a level of confidence. Still, something requires dedication, like enlisting in a framed blockchain program and following your blockchain certification. Ultimately, this is a great decision, offering you severe about your new profession. It carries money and time to seek a BTA CBSA certification, and employers identify and value this. If you want your next possible employer to notice how trustworthy you’ll be in your new position as a blockchain engineer, earning your blockchain certification can be an excellent way to do so.


In conclusion, obtaining a BTA CBSA can significantly benefit professionals looking to propel their careers in the fast-developing field of blockchain technology. BTA Certified Blockchain Solution Architect demonstrates a knowledge and understanding of the technology and its applications. To prepare for the CBSA certification exam, it is advised to have a concrete understanding of the basics of blockchain technology, including its history, concepts, and use cases. Additionally, studying and practicing with exam resources such as practice tests provided by certfun and study resources from the official website can help increase your chances of success.