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Oracle 1Z0-908 Certification, the How and Why?

Oracle Certifications are highly desirable credentials in the Information Technology industry, showcasing expertise, and credibility. Obtaining an Oracle Certification signifies a strong comprehension of job responsibilities and proficiency with MySQL products. The Oracle Certified Professional, MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator 1Z0-908 certification validates in-depth knowledge of MySQL architecture and the ability to install and set up MySQL databases successfully. This certification confirms the professional’s competence in monitoring, maintaining, and securing MySQL databases. Furthermore, it demonstrates expertise in optimizing query speed, implementing backup and recovery strategies, and employing high availability techniques.

About the Oracle 1Z0-908 Certification

The Oracle MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator Certification examination evaluates an individual’s comprehension of fundamental concepts related to relational databases, essential SQL statements, and the execution of Unix/Linux commands. Successful candidates demonstrate a solid ability to handle various scenarios with confidence and patience. The following professionals are eligible to obtain this certification upon passing the exam:

  • Administrators of clouds
  • Administrators of databases
  • Designers of databases
  • Administrators of websites

Candidates who have achieved this certification have proven their aptitude in managing, backing up, replicating, optimizing, and safeguarding databases. By utilizing MySQL Replication, they can also develop high-performance and scalable applications.

Oracle 1Z0-908 Exam Information

  • Exam Name: MySQL 8.0 Database Administrator
  • Exam Code: 1Z0-908
  • Exam Duration: 120 Minutes
  • Exam Format: MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) and MRQs (Multi Response Questions)
  • Number of Questions: 73 Questions
  • Exam Fees: $245
  • Exam Language: English
  • Passing Score: 62%
  • Exam Objectives: Click Here

Steps to Follow for Oracle 1Z0-908 Exam Preparation

1. Understand the Oracle 1Z0-908 Exam Objectives

Before commencing your preparation, acquaint yourself with the exam goals delineated by Oracle. The official Oracle certification website furnishes an elaborate curriculum that showcases the subjects and proficiencies evaluated in the 1Z0-908 examination. Utilize this as a guide to organize your study strategy.

2. Obtain Appropriate Study Resources

To excel in the Oracle 1Z0-908 exam, it is crucial to collect dependable study resources. Oracle provides authorized training programs, study manuals, and practice tests that can assist you in acquiring a more profound comprehension of MySQL database administration principles. Furthermore, relevant books, online tutorials, and forums are dedicated to preparing for Oracle MySQL certification.

3. Design a Structured Study Plan

A meticulously organized study plan is essential to prepare for the exam effectively. Break your study time into manageable segments, dedicating specific intervals to each exam objective. Set achievable goals and stick to a consistent study timetable to guarantee thorough exploration of the necessary subjects.

4. Acquire Practical Experience

Gaining hands-on experience is crucial in attaining proficiency in MySQL database administration skills. Establishing a practice environment using MySQL software and experimenting with diverse scenarios is imperative. Engaging with real-world examples can reinforce your comprehension of concepts and enhance your confidence in applying your skills.

5. Attempt Oracle 1Z0-908 Practice Test

Engaging in practice exams is valuable for evaluating your knowledge and pinpointing areas that need additional enhancement. The DBExam website offers authorized practice tests that replicate the exam experience. Regularly participating in practice sessions will aid in familiarizing yourself with the exam format and refining your time management abilities.

6. Join Study Groups or Forums

Collaborating with other individuals aspiring for certification can significantly enhance your preparation process. Whether through joining study groups or actively participating in online forums focused on Oracle MySQL certification, you can interact with like-minded individuals who share your objectives. This enables you to exchange ideas, seek clarifications, and gain valuable insights from the experiences of others, thereby enriching your learning journey.

7. Review and Revision

As the date of the Oracle 1Z0-908 exam draws near, ensure that you allocate ample time for comprehensive review and revision. Review your study notes, practice exams, and any supplementary resources to strengthen your grasp of essential concepts. Prioritize areas where you feel less confident and actively seek clarification for any doubts or uncertainties you may have.

8. Stay Updated with Oracle Documentation

To stay abreast of the evolving landscape of MySQL, Oracle consistently updates its documentation to include fresh features, improvements, and optimal methodologies. It is crucial to remain up-to-date with the latest documentation to ensure you are well informed about any pertinent changes that may impact the exam. This practice lets you stay current with industry trends and advancements in MySQL database management.

Benefits of Oracle MySQL Certification

1. Credibility and Reputation in the Industry

Acquiring Oracle MySQL Certification signifies your commitment to personal growth and exhibits your abilities to prospective employers. It confers a competitive advantage in the job market, as certified individuals are esteemed for their proficiency in MySQL database management.

2. Opportunities for Career Growth

Acquiring certification boosts your credibility and unlocks fresh opportunities for advancing your career. With the Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator certification, you can explore various job roles such as Database Administrator, Database Developer, or Database Architect. These positions frequently entail greater responsibilities and offer the potential for higher earnings.

3. Broadened Knowledge Base and Skill Set

Thorough preparation for the Oracle 1Z0-908 exam necessitates a holistic grasp of MySQL database administration. The certification journey equips you with profound comprehension and proficiencies in various aspects, including database installation, configuration, security, backup and recovery, performance optimization, and other pertinent areas. This expertise empowers you to manage complex database environments with efficiency and proficiently.

4. Opportunities for Building a Professional Network

Belonging to the Oracle MySQL-certified community allows you to interact with professionals with similar interests. You can participate in industry events, connect with individuals who share your passions, and actively engage in forums that promote the exchange of knowledge and keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements in database management. These networking opportunities foster collaborations, present mentorship possibilities, and establish valuable connections that can propel your career forward.


Achieving the Oracle Certified MySQL Database Administrator certification by successfully passing the Oracle 1Z0-908 exam can significantly enhance your career prospects in database management. You can distinguish yourself from competitors by highlighting your proficiency in MySQL database administration and secure fulfilling employment prospects. Remember to adhere to a well-organized study plan, acquire trustworthy study resources, and engage in practical application to optimize your likelihood of success.

Start your Oracle MySQL certification journey with unwavering confidence and determination. Initiate your preparation today and unlock a realm of boundless possibilities in the dynamic field of database administration.