The PL-100 certification is a valuable recognition for developers or business analysts who are actively engaged in Power Apps and seek official validation from Microsoft for their skills.

Is the Microsoft PL-100 Exam Worth It?

Are you interested in obtaining Microsoft Certification and incorporating the Power Platform App Maker PL-100 certification into your professional profile? This article will provide a comprehensive exam overview, including its content, prerequisites, and associated fees. Let’s begin!

About the Power Platform App Maker PL-100 Exam

The PL-100 Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Exam evaluates your understanding of fundamental concepts for developing and implementing custom applications using Azure App Service. This certification is designed for individuals with a solid grasp of the Azure platform and the broader Power Platform, encompassing Dynamics 365, Power BI, and Azure Functions.

The Benefits of Adding PL-100 to Your Resume

Naturally, you might wonder why you should invest time preparing for PL-100. Nonetheless, if you excel as a Power Platform App Maker, the motivation to succeed in this exam becomes even more vital. Let’s delve into the reasons for this.

1. Validation of Your Skillset

Organizations aiming toward business process efficiency can consider the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification that you earn after passing the PL-100 exam to authenticate the knowledge of current and prospective team members. The primary goal of the exam is to validate your skills in designing, building, and deploying multi-device apps using the Power Apps platform. This refers to the designation as well. It’s a significant mark that validates your skills.

2. A Globally Recognized Microsoft Exam

Microsoft is a globally renowned organization known for its exceptional quality and credibility. Consequently, Microsoft’s exams and certifications are widely recognized and highly regarded; the same holds true for PL-100. Furthermore, individuals holding the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate certification are perceived to possess superior Power Platform skills compared to those not certified.

As per a Global Knowledge study, a substantial 93% of professionals in the IT field contend that certified employees contribute more significant value to their teams, bridge skill gaps, and demonstrate greater efficiency when compared to their non-certified peers.

3. Microsoft PL-100 Certification Paves the Way for Diverse Career Prospects

Achieving success in an exam and certification proves your abilities and authenticates your expertise in specific subject domains. Furthermore, employers occasionally consider certified skills a qualifying factor during recruitment. This suggests that without passing the PL-100 exam, your chances of securing your desired position may diminish. Consequently, certified candidates enjoy a competitive advantage over other prospective hires and encounter increased prospects for career advancement.

5. Promotion Opportunities in Your Existing Job

Individuals who hold Microsoft certifications command higher salaries and open doors to promotion prospects. Those certified as Microsoft Power Platform App Makers typically earn 15% more than their non-certified counterparts, exhibit a 20% boost in productivity and boast a higher employee retention rate. Certifications can distinguish you from other professionals and elevate your prospects for advancement in your current job or business.

Completing the PL-100 exam and obtaining certification can make you eligible for more financially rewarding roles with higher compensation. As per data from, individuals with a 70-761 certificate can expect to earn an annual salary ranging from $78,600 to $99,600.

5. Increased Feeling of Achievement

As indicated by Pearson VUE’s Microsoft Certification Value study findings, individuals who have obtained this certification have reported numerous personal benefits, including a boost in professional reputation and self-assurance. These certified professionals also expressed that their job satisfaction has increased, accompanied by increased job responsibilities.

Microsoft Power Platform App Maker Exam Structure

The Microsoft PL-100 exam comes with a designated time limit of 120 minutes. Managing your time effectively is crucial. To ensure you cover all questions within this timeframe, it’s recommended that you allocate no more than 2.4 minutes for each question, bearing in mind that the exam typically contains between 40 and 60 questions.

Moreover, the exam comprises diverse question formats such as case studies, short responses, multiple-choice queries, and review-marking. A strategic approach is to initiate with the case study questions since they encompass various question types, consuming the most time to address effectively.

Following the case study questions, the subsequent stages address short-answer and multiple-choice queries. It’s crucial to remember that achieving a minimum score of 700 (out of a possible 1000) is necessary to pass the exam. Furthermore, the examination incurs a fee of USD 165.

Steps to Prepare for the PL-100 Examination

Adequate preparation and guidance are vital for any examination. With a well-established structure, passing a test can be easy. However, there’s no need to worry about the Microsoft PL-100 exam. We’ve compiled an extensive guide to assist you in achieving success on the examination. Shall we begin?

1. Online PL-100 Tutorials

Dedicating time and effort is essential to pass the Microsoft PL-100 Exam successfully. You can refer to online tutorials for the Microsoft PL-100 Exam, enabling you to concentrate on the content and better understand the examination.

2. Engage in Online Discussion Communities

Wherever it occurs, an animated discourse is consistently advantageous. The likelihood of discovering a solution to a problem significantly increases when multiple individuals collaborate on it.

These discussions expand the study’s breadth. Forums are excellent platforms for fostering a vital sense of community for establishing connections with others. The more individuals you engage with who share your objectives, the closer you realize those goals.

3. Leverage PL-100 Practice Exam for Self-Assessment

Ensure you apply what you’ve gained from your learning to gauge your advancement. This practice will enhance your ability to react promptly, saving you valuable time. A suitable moment to commence practicing with tests is after completing a module or section of your coursework.

Utilize it as a means to refresh your understanding. Starting practice tests immediately after completing an entire subject is ideal for effective revision. Likewise, commencing practice tests upon finishing a single topic can serve as a valuable tool for review. So, don’t delay – get started right away!

5. Enroll in a PL-100 Instructor-Led Course

The most efficient method to prepare for your PL-100 exam is by enrolling in an instructor-led PL-100 course. This 4-day course covers comprehensive knowledge required for creating applications through low-code methods, streamlining, automating, and enhancing business operations using Microsoft Power Platform. Additionally, it will ensure your readiness for the PL-100 exam.


The most impactful way to showcase your skills is obtaining the proper certification, such as the PL-100. Microsoft certification fosters your professional development and unlocks numerous career advancement avenues. Therefore, your first step towards earning the Microsoft Certified: Power Platform App Maker Associate accreditation is passing the PL-100 exam. There’s no need to delay – it’s the perfect moment to excel in this exam!