How the Microsoft AZ-800 Certification Can Propel You Forward

AZ-800 Exam: How to Prepare and Why Pass It?

A hybrid administrator for Windows Server is responsible for the installation, upkeep, management, and resolution of issues related to Windows Server 2022 systems. Acquiring the AZ-800 certification is instrumental in fulfilling half of the prerequisites for this specialized and advanced role in Windows administration. However, the initial step involves understanding the nature and content of the AZ-800 certification.

In this piece, we will explore the preparation process for the Microsoft AZ-800 certification exam and understand its significance in successfully navigating the official certification assessment. AZ-800 represents an intermediate-level training program focused on administering the core infrastructure of Windows Server Hybrid. To attain the Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate designation, you must successfully pass two exams: AZ-800 for Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure and AZ-801 for Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate.

Microsoft AZ-800 Exam Information

The examination comprises 40-60 questions, such as multiple-choice, multiple-select, drag-and-drop, and case studies. The allotted time for completing the exam ranges from 90 to 120 minutes. The test is offered in various languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese (Traditional), and Italian. The examination fee is $165, which may vary depending on your geographical location.

Domains Covered in the AZ-800 Exam

AZ-800 exams assess a total of five domains or skills. Here is an overview of the skills evaluated in the examination:

  • Deploy and manage Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in on-premises and cloud environments (30-35%)
  • Manage Windows Servers and workloads in a hybrid environment (10-15%)
  • Manage virtual machines and containers (15-20%)
  • Implement and manage an on-premises and hybrid networking infrastructure (15-20%)
  • Manage storage and file services (15-20%)

How to Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-800 Exam?

Here are some tips that will assist you in preparing for the AZ-800 exam and successfully passing it on your first attempt:

1. Utilize the Official Exam Guide

The primary and most essential guideline is to thoroughly review the Official guide for the Microsoft AZ-800 exam. Familiarizing yourself with the exam’s objectives and course domains is crucial.

Additionally, you must possess a solid determination to allocate sufficient time to each topic and acquire a deep understanding of the subject. Building this determination involves aligning your study emphasis with the course areas. The official guide serves as a blueprint for the exam, making it wise to refer to it consistently.

2. Create a Study Schedule

Possessing a well-thought-out and strategic study plan is just as crucial as putting in effort. Once you’ve consulted the guide, creating a plan that considers the AZ-800 syllabus topics and the remaining time before the exam is essential. We recommend initiating your preparation by reinforcing your weaker areas.

Moreover, consistency is essential for dedicating time to important topics in the exam. Adhering to your plan ensures a consistent approach and minimizes distractions. The crucial strategy for success in the Microsoft Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure AZ-800 exam is to initiate preparation early, so begin your preparations now and maintain motivation.

3. Books Are the Preferred Method for Effective Study

Books are consistently valuable, and it’s essential to emphasize that they play a significant role in your preparation. A wide array of books is available in the market to assist with Microsoft AZ-800 Exam readiness. Therefore, it is crucial to seek out genuine sources for Microsoft AZ-800 exam books actively.

4. Enroll in a Training Program

Once you’ve acquired your books, established a plan, and are fully motivated, exploring training courses that can equip you with essential tools and resources is advisable. The official training course “AZ-800T00–A: Administering Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure” is particularly advantageous for preparation, offering practical experience and hands-on training.

5. Use AZ-800 Practice Test

Now, onto the last phase. You must be sufficiently prepared to assess your understanding, which is crucial for succeeding in the AZ-800 exam. The optimal method for self-evaluation is to engage in practice tests. Since practice contributes to perfection, the more you practice, the more beneficial it is for your preparation. You can explore top-notch AZ-800 Exam Practice Tests for this purpose.

The practice tests mirror the actual exam conditions and serve as a tool for identifying areas that require enhancement. They are instrumental in fortifying your weaker areas; consistent practice in such tests is the key to success. Attempting numerous practice tests to increase your chances of passing with excellence is advisable.

What Makes the Microsoft Certified – Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate Certification Worth Considering?

When managing the Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure, the key is to explore thoroughly and grasp all the principles related to Azure Hybrid Benefit. Similarly, acquiring knowledge about the Azure Hybrid Benefit service is essential, as it enables the transfer of on-premises Windows Server and SQL Server licenses to Azure’s pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

By mastering the integration of Azure Hybrid Benefit, reservation savings, and extended security updates, you can achieve savings exceeding 80% on a standard Azure subscription, leading to a decreased total cost of ownership. The AZ-800 certification equips you to proficiently manage and implement on-premises and hybrid solutions across domains such as identity, management, computing, networking, and storage, simplifying the process.

Successfully passing the AZ-800 exam marks a significant achievement, bringing you closer to obtaining the Microsoft certification: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate. This certification is essential and appeals to professionals operating at the associate level within the Microsoft ecosystem.


These were some reasons to navigate through this exam successfully. The exam preparation suggestions will facilitate your readiness for the test. Stay safe and continue your learning journey.