How to Succeed in the Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam with the AZ-104 Practice Test?

3 Reasons Why AZ-104 Practice Test Is Important

The AZ-104 certification, also known as Microsoft Azure Administrator, is a foundational certification designed to empower IT professionals with the expertise needed for effective cloud service management. This course delves into various aspects of the IT life cycle, focusing on crucial cloud services such as storage, security, networking, and computing capabilities. This blog post will explore technical insights and strategies to enhance your performance in the AZ-104 exam and highlight the advantages of integrating the AZ-104 practice test into your exam preparation routine.

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Certification Overview

The Microsoft Azure Administrator certification assesses a person’s competency in overseeing Azure identities and virtual networks, computing resources, monitoring Azure resources, and accurately implementing/managing storage. Achieving success in the exam necessitates a high level of proficiency in these technical abilities.

Addressing governance and identity management, the examination centers on fundamental aspects of Azure administration. If you aspire to hold a recognized position as an Azure Administrator, successfully finishing this test ensures your entry into the technology sector. It confirms your possession of the essential skills required for such a role.

  • The examination comprises approximately 40 to 60 questions, and the total achievable score is 700 points.
  • The time duration for this exam is 120 minutes (2 hours).

Microsoft Azure Administrator AZ-104 Syllabus Topics:

  • Manage Azure identities and governance (20-25%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15-20%)
  • Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)
  • Implement and manage virtual networking (15-20%)
  • Monitor and maintain Azure resources (10-15%)

Preparation Guide for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

Before submitting payment for the Azure 104 exam fees and participating in the certification process, it is essential to be thoroughly prepared and possess the necessary technical expertise.

Even though the AZ-104 certification exam is designed for entry-level professionals, it does not imply that you can attempt the exam without preparation and hope to pass. Therefore, here are some actionable study tips if you are committed to taking and excelling in this exam:

1. Understand the AZ-104 Syllabus Topics

The initial phase towards certification involves obtaining the comprehensive list of exam objectives from Microsoft’s official website. This will assist you in assessing the extent of the content, acquiring appropriate study materials, and planning your study schedule.

2. Enroll in a Training Course

The official website offers paid and free training resources to aid candidates in building the necessary knowledge for the exam. The paid training course enables learning from a skilled instructor, while the available learning paths are crafted for self-guided study.

3. Take AZ-104 Practice Test

Candidates should give precedence to AZ-104 practice tests above all else. These are highly beneficial for evaluating your preparedness and enhancing your time management skills.

Additional Microsoft AZ-104 Exam Preparation Tips

The exam poses a considerable challenge. Despite all questions being multiple-choice, they tend to be lengthy. Qualifying for this exam requires substantial practice and dedication. Here are some tips to secure the certification successfully:

  • You must be open to learning and unafraid of facing setbacks.
  • Choose a certification route endorsed by Microsoft.
  • Before you start preparing, schedule the exam. This approach will encourage you to study more diligently and maintain a heightened level of readiness.
  • You can obtain a complimentary Azure trial subscription and begin hands-on practice while acquiring new knowledge.
  • Set aside a daily time slot for learning.
  • Engage in the AZ-104 practice test on the Edusum website; they will enhance your training and boost your confidence.

Why Use AZ-104 Practice Test?

The sole method for assessing your current preparedness level and adjusting your future study strategy is through Microsoft AZ-104 practice tests. It also acquaints you with the questions likely to appear in the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. Scoring above 90% on the practice test significantly increases your likelihood of achieving an excellent score on the exam. The practice test results provide candidates with insights into the topics they have mastered, allowing them to focus their learning efforts on areas where improvement is needed and minimize time spent on well-mastered subjects.

1. AZ-104 Practice Test Familiarizes You With The Real Exam

AZ-104 practice test emulates the actual Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, carefully crafted by experts who have analyzed the structure of Microsoft exams and grasped the methodology employed by the company. The exam can be an overwhelming experience, considering factors like time constraints, pressure, and concentration demands.

Utilizing AZ-104 practice tests, particularly on the Edusum website, aids in familiarizing yourself with the exam-taking process and refining your time management skills crucial for the examination day. Additionally, it exposes you to the stress and exam environment you will encounter on the test day.

2. AZ-104 Practice Test Enhances Time Management Skills

Efficient time management is a critical aspect of any Microsoft exam, particularly evident in the Microsoft Azure Administrator exam, where you are allotted 120 minutes for 40-60 questions. Therefore, mastering time management is crucial for success, and AZ-104 practice tests are invaluable for honing this skill. As you take practice tests, you may realize that you have allocated excessive time to specific questions that may not have warranted it. Sometimes, this might lead to an inability to complete the required questions. Engaging in AZ-104 practice tests significantly aids in addressing this issue. It allows you to discern the appropriate amount of time to allocate to each question, which ones to tackle, and which ones to skip – insights gained only through mock exams.

3. Az-104 Practice Test Analyzes Strengths and Weaknesses

Attempting AZ-104 practice tests encourages you to evaluate both your areas of proficiency and those that need improvement. Concentrating on challenging questions while consistently practicing those in which you excel is essential. Identifying and resolving such questions is achievable by completing Microsoft Azure Administrator practice tests. This approach also helps you identify questions you can confidently answer, enabling you to strategically prioritize and highlight these strong points during the actual exam. In conclusion, engaging with these tests is instrumental in fine-tuning your preparation strategy.


Once you understand all exam objectives, thoroughly review your notes to ensure comprehensive preparedness. Enhance your readiness by taking numerous AZ-104 practice tests. Cultivate skills in provisioning, sizing, monitoring, and adjusting resources as needed, along with managing and monitoring identity, governance, storage, computing, and virtual networks within a cloud environment. By doing so, you will be well-prepared and self-assured in your ability to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 exam successfully.