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Exploring Cloud Horizons: HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification Explored

Cloud computing is an inevitable part of the current tech world, which automatically makes qualifications such as the HCIA-Cloud Computing V5.5 important to any professional as well as individual. This article provide an overview of the Huawei Certified ICT Associate-Cloud Computing certification, including the meaning and relevance of the certification, exam under goings, the benefits to expect from the credential, and preparation to excel. This is a very critical certification for cloud computing engineers, and it is therefore important that an expert working in this area achieves this credential.

Target Groups

The HCIA-Cloud Computing certificate is designed for several groups of IT professionals: Are you a cloud computing engineer? Are you a candidate who wants to obtain the HCIA-Cloud certificate? Do you work as an IT operator or maintainer?. Moreover, the following IT workers may take this course.

  • System administrator
  • IT planner and designer

HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification Exam Format

  • Exam Name: Huawei Certified ICT Associate – Cloud Computing
  • Exam Code: H13-511
  • Price: $200 USD
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Questions: 60
  • Passing Score: 600 out of 1000

HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification Exam Syllabus Topics

  • Cloud Computing Basics
  • Server Basics
  • Storage Technology Basics
  • Network Technology Basics
  • Operating System Basics
  • Virtualization
  • Huawei Virtualization Platform
  • Huawei Virtualization Platform Management and Usage
  • Overview of FusionAccess
  • FusionAccess: Planning and Deployment
  • FusionAccess: Service Provisioning
  • FusionAccess: Features and Management
  • Cloud Computing Trends


To be eligible, the candidate are required to have the following

  • Basic IT literacy.
  • Previous experience with PC operating systems.

Benefits of HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification

Obtaining HCIA-Cloud Computing certification from Huawei can bring the following benefits to any individual who strives to improve their understanding and position in the cloud computing industry.

1. Industry recognition

The HCIA certification demonstrates your grounding in cloud computing basics, virtualization, and virtual desktop technologies to employers and colleagues. Thus, a cloud computing professional can significantly increase their job opportunities and professional status.

2. Job opportunities

Certifications in cloud computing are critical for multiple businesses, regardless of their size or direction. Therefore, having HCIA-Cloud Computing enables a person to compete for such positions. These are the Cloud Computing Engineer, Cloud Administrator, Virtualization Specialist, Cloud Solutions Architect, and others.

3. Validates skills

Training and passing an exam prove your ability to perform essential tasks and be aware of Huawei’s approach. As a consequence, a specialist can carry out tasks with no doubts and at a high speed.

4. Competitive advantage

When several candidates compete for a position, employers choose people based on skills and qualifications. Holding tests on cloud computing set an ideal specialist and partially solve the dilemma of the optimal candidate.

5. Career growth

Obtaining HCIA-Cloud Computing certification will allow you to subsequently receive higher-level certifications. Along with this process, you will acquire new jobs that will require an increasing level of responsibility and wages.

6. Hands-On

The certification contains parts on deploying and managing virtualization platforms and virtual desktops. It means that you will have excellent practical experience in a relevant area.

7. Networking

Becoming a HCIA certificate holder means joining a community. You can communicate with colleagues who are also taking or have passed the certification, understand more information, promote your skills, and discuss the profession together.

HCIA-Cloud Computing Certification Exam Preparation Steps

1. Visit the Official Site

The first step should be checking the official Huawei certification site. This site contains detailed information about the HCIA-Cloud Computing exam, such as the exam blueprint, the registration process, exam policies, and others.

2. Learn and Understand the Objectives

Read the exam objectives provided by Huawei and learn the requirements for the exam. The blueprint includes cloud computing overview, virtualization, Huawei virtualization platform, and cloud computing development and trends. Everything in the exam objectives should direct your study plan.

3. Books and Guides

Look for textbooks, study guides, and official documentation provided by Huawei. Textbooks and study guides will cover basic concepts while the official Huawei books will go into more detail on the FusionCompute and FusionAccess technologies. Make sure everything you use is in line with the exam objectives.

4. Practice Tests

Get practice questions and take mock tests to determine how far you have come in your study to prepare for the HCIA-Cloud Computing exam. Find practice tests that provide the same level of challenge as the examination and analyze yourself to know your weak spots. Correct it before sitting for the exam.

5. Training Programs

Training for the exam with the correct programs provided in Huawei course registration programs or the approved training centers. The programs come either in person, online, or even labs, which can enable you to better prepare for your exam. It’s easier to test when under guidance and with scheduled work.

6. Hands-On Experience

Get your hands dirty with Huawei FusionCompute and FusionAccess to be better prepared to apply practically what you have learned on the HCIA-Cloud Computing exam. Create a virtual lab and configure and maintain virtual computing environments to prepare for the practical.

7. Study Groups and Forums

Join online study groups that can be easily found over the internet to study with fellow exam candidates and share certification materials and work on practical sessions. Work the test samples and share the solutions then discuss relevant issues.

8. Review and Revision

Read and revise notes, books, guides, and lectures to have a better weakness and strength analysis. Set aside revision time and improve on what you may not have learned well, and also ask through the formal help platforms.

If you follow all this, then your chances of succeeding in the HCIA-Cloud Computing H13-511 examination from Huawei are high.


The HCIA-Cloud Computing certification is a critical certification in not only ensuring that you gain necessary skills in the cloud infrastructure but also making sure that you rank as one of the most qualified professionals in consideration of the dynamic nature of cloud computing. Finally, by following these preparedness strategies and making good use of the available resources, your chances of acquiring this significant certification and taking part in shaping your future in the developing cloud industry can then be simplified.