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CBSP Exam Unveiled: Your Path to Blockchain Security Mastery

The Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP) exam is a distinguished certification that verifies your expertise in blockchain security. For cybersecurity professionals, obtaining the CBSP credential signifies advanced knowledge in this developing field and grants membership in an esteemed community of blockchain experts. This guide offers a detailed examination of the CBSP exam, outlines its advantages, and provides strategies to help you excel.

What Is the CBSP Exam?

The Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP) exam assesses an individual’s proficiency in securing blockchain systems and networks. This certification aims to confirm your expertise in multiple facets of blockchain security, covering fundamental blockchain concepts, cryptography, security protocols, and methods for mitigating threats.

CBSP Exam Overview

  • Exam Name: Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP)
  • Exam Code: CBSP
  • Exam Price: $275 (USD)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 70
  • Passing Score: 70%

Syllabus Topics

  • Fundamental Blockchain Security
  • Consensus in the Blockchain
  • Advanced Blockchain Security Mechanisms
  • Smart Contract Security
  • Blockchain Risk Assessment
  • Basic Blockchain Security
  • Blockchain for Business
  • Securely Implementing Business Blockchains
  • Network-Level Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • System-Level Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • Smart Contract Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  • Security of Alternative DLT Architectures

CBSP Exam Retake Policy

  • Retake Procedure: In the event of a failed attempt, you are required to buy a new exam voucher to retake the test.
  • Waiting Period: A minimum waiting period of 48 hours is mandatory before you can attempt the exam again.
  • Re-certification Restriction: Upon passing, retaking the same version of the exam is prohibited for a 12-month period.

Importance of CBSP Certification

1. Boost Credibility

Globally acknowledged, the CBSP certification serves as a testament to your expertise in blockchain security. Featuring this credential on your resume or LinkedIn profile elevates your credibility and highlights your dedication to professional growth.

2. Advance Your Career

Employers favor candidates with industry-recognized certifications. Holding the CBSP certification distinguishes you in a competitive job market, paving the way for career growth in the blockchain and cybersecurity fields.

3. Enhance Skills

The rigorous preparation for the CBSP exam involves extensive study and practical experience, honing your skills in blockchain security, cryptography, and threat mitigation.

4. Gain Access to Resources

As a CBSP certification holder, you gain access to an array of resources and support, such as training courses, study guides, and a professional online community. This keeps you abreast of the latest advancements and best practices in blockchain security.

Who Should Pursue the CBSP Certification?

The CBSP certification is perfect for.

  • Blockchain Architects
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Application Developers
  • Blockchain System Administrators
  • Network Security Architects
  • Cybersecurity Experts
  • IT Professionals with Cybersecurity Experience

Tips to Pass the CBSP Exam

1. Blockchain Exam Study Guide

Utilize the official CBSP Exam Study Guide, which comprehensively covers all exam objectives and blockchain security issues. With chapters and practice questions, it is essential for thorough exam preparation.

2. Study Materials and Resources

Employ a range of study materials to cover exam topics extensively. Consider the following.

  • Official CBSP Certification Guide: Offers an overview of exam topics, sample questions, and study resources.
  • Online Training Courses: Provide in-depth coverage of exam subjects with practical experience.
  • Practice Exams and Quizzes: Help evaluate your knowledge and pinpoint areas needing more study.
  • Industry Publications and Research Papers: Keep you updated on current trends and best practices in blockchain security.

3. Hands-On Experience

Develop practical skills by.

  • Building and deploying blockchain networks and systems
  • Identifying and mitigating security threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implementing security protocols and standards
  • Developing and testing smart contracts
  • Conducting risk assessments and creating risk management plans

4. Instructor-Led Training

Participate in instructor-led training sessions, available globally and online. These provide structured learning with hands-on labs, expert content, and opportunities for peer collaboration.

5. Self-Paced Blockchain Training

Consider self-paced options like the Security for Blockchain Professionals course, which covers blockchain security comprehensively, including threats, risk mitigation, and best practices, through on-demand video classes.

6. Online Forums and Groups

Join online forums and study groups to connect with fellow exam candidates. Engage in discussions, ask questions, and gain valuable insights and support from peers.

7. Practice Tests

Regularly take practice tests to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. These help improve your answering skills and time management for the actual exam. Start practice tests after studying each topic to reinforce your knowledge.

8. Time Management

Manage your time effectively during the exam. Allocate sufficient time to each question and avoid dwelling too long on any single question.

9. Exam Strategies

  • Read Questions Carefully: Ensure full comprehension before answering.
  • Eliminate Incorrect Choices: Narrow down your options by discarding clearly wrong answers.
  • Guess When Unsure: Make an educated guess if unsure; it’s better than leaving a question blank.
  • Review Your Answers: Before submitting, review all your answers to catch any mistakes or missed questions.


The Certified Blockchain Security Professional (CBSP) exam presents a prestigious chance for cybersecurity professionals to confirm their expertise in blockchain security. By adhering to the tips provided in this guide and leveraging the available resources, you can boost your credibility, propel your career forward, and actively contribute to the evolving field of blockchain technology.