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Broadcom Symantec ZTNA: Your Dramatic Path

Becoming proficient as a Broadcom Technical Specialist signifies your adeptness and competence within your specific technological domain. Specifically focusing on the Symantec Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) product, this certification affirms your capabilities and expertise in strategizing, implementing, and managing Symantec ZTNA solutions. This guide aims to assist you in the journey towards acquiring this certification, encompassing examination particulars, recommended practical exposure, and preparatory strategies.

Understanding the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Certification

The Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Complete R1 Technical Specialist certification showcases your comprehension of Symantec’s Zero Trust Network Access product. This certification caters to IT professionals in Security Operations positions, with a key emphasis on proficiently managing the Symantec ZTNA features in both real-world and simulated environments.

Target Audience

This certification assessment targets IT professionals employing the Symantec Zero Trust Network Access product within Security Operations responsibilities. The examination evaluates the candidate’s understanding and proficiency in managing Symantec ZTNA features across live and simulated environments.

Recommended Experience

To enhance your likelihood of succeeding in the Broadcom 250-583 examination, it is advised that candidates possess a minimum of 3-6 months of practical experience with the Symantec Cloud Secure Web Gateway. This hands-on exposure can be attained in either a live operational setting or a laboratory environment.

Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Exam Details

  • Exam Name: Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Complete R1 Technical Specialist
  • Exam Code: 250-583
  • Exam Price: $250 (USD)
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 75
  • Passing Score: 70%

Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Exam Syllabus Topics

The Broadcom 250-583 examination encompasses a range of crucial topics pertinent to Symantec ZTNA administration. Below is a breakdown of the syllabus content.

  • SASE Solution Overview
  • Symantec ZTNA Portal
  • Authentication
  • Network Security Boundary
  • Agentless Application Configuration
  • Policy Configuration
  • Agent-Based Application Configuration
  • Integrations
  • Role-Based Admin Control
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Planning

Preparation Tips for the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Certification

To effectively prepare for the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification exam, adhere to these preparation guidelines.

1. Comprehend the Exam Objectives

Thoroughly examine the exam objectives and syllabus topics. Ensure you grasp the content of each topic and its real-world applications.

2. Hands-on Practice

Practical experience is invaluable. Engage with the Symantec Cloud Secure Web Gateway in both live operational and laboratory settings to gain firsthand insight into the product’s features and functionalities.

3. Study the Training Material

Make use of the training materials provided by Broadcom. These resources are tailored to cover the exam content and will furnish you with the necessary knowledge to succeed.

4. Consult Product Documentation

Official Symantec ZTNA documentation is a vital resource. Familiarize yourself with these documents to understand the intricate workings of the product.

5. Participate in Study Groups and Forums

Collaborate with fellow candidates and professionals preparing for the certification. Study groups and forums offer additional insights, tips, and resources to aid your preparation.

6. Take Practice Exams

Practice exams are an effective way to assess your knowledge and pinpoint areas requiring further study. They also help you become accustomed to the exam format and timing.

7. Emphasize Real-World Scenarios

The exam evaluates your ability to apply knowledge in practical situations. Focus on understanding how to implement and manage Symantec ZTNA in real-world contexts.

8. Review Role-Based Admin Control

Ensure you have a thorough understanding of role-based admin control, a crucial aspect of security operations management within Symantec ZTNA.

9. Master Policy Configuration

Policy configuration is a significant component of the exam. Be proficient in creating, managing, and deploying policies within the Symantec ZTNA environment.

10. Stay Informed of Updates

Remain updated on any new features or updates related to Symantec ZTNA. This knowledge is essential for the exam and enhances your overall understanding of the product.

Career Benefits of Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Certification

The Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification offers numerous career benefits that can enhance your professional standing in the field of network security.

1. Validation of Skills

By attaining this certification, you showcase a high level of proficiency in Symantec ZTNA technology. Certified professionals are highly regarded by employers for their demonstrated ability to efficiently implement and manage ZTNA solutions.

2. Career Advancement

Holding the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification can unlock opportunities for advancement within security operations. Certified individuals are often preferred for roles requiring specialized expertise in deploying zero trust network access solutions.

3. Increased Salary Potential

Certified professionals typically command higher salaries compared to their non-certified peers. Employers recognize the value of certification and are willing to offer competitive compensation to attract and retain skilled professionals in network security.

4. Professional Credibility

Acquiring the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification bolsters your credibility and professionalism among employers, peers, and clients. It serves as tangible proof of your commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements and technologies.

5. Networking Opportunities

Certification connects you with a community of like-minded professionals and industry experts. Engaging with other certified individuals can lead to valuable collaborations, knowledge exchange, and career growth prospects.

Overall, obtaining the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification can significantly enhance your career trajectory by validating your skills, expanding your job opportunities, boosting your earning potential, establishing your credibility, and facilitating networking opportunities within the field.


The Broadcom Symantec ZTNA Complete R1 Technical Specialist certification holds significant value for IT professionals engaged in security operations. By adhering to the preparation tips provided in this guide, you can augment your understanding, acquire practical experience, and effectively pass the certification exam with confidence. Obtaining this certification will validate your technical prowess and unlock various career prospects in the domain of network security.


1. Is practical experience necessary for obtaining the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification?

While not obligatory, having hands-on involvement with Symantec Cloud Secure Web Gateway significantly bolsters your likelihood of achieving success.

2. How frequently does Broadcom update the exam syllabus for the Symantec ZTNA certification?

Broadcom periodically revises the exam syllabus to keep pace with the ever-changing industry landscape and technological advancements.

3. Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification exam?

Though not strictly required, being acquainted with network security principles and Symantec technologies can be advantageous.

4. Can I attempt the Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification exam again if I fail?

Indeed, candidates have the opportunity to retake the exam after a specified waiting period. Use this chance to pinpoint areas for improvement and bolster your preparedness.

5. What is the validity duration of the Broadcom 250-583 certification?

Broadcom Symantec ZTNA certification typically remains valid for a few years. Stay informed about renewal criteria to sustain your certified standing.