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How to Approach GIAC GCIH Certification Exam

GCIH certification, known as GIAC Certified Incident Handler, is a certificate maintained and administered by an organization – GIAC. The certificate confirms an applicant’s skill to detect, respond to, and solve computer security incidents using different security skills.

To obtain GIAC GCIH certification, the applicant should have the knowledge and skillset required to handle security incidents. This occurs by comprehending definitive attack techniques, vectors, and tools. Moreover, the applicant should prove their skill to protect against and respond to such attacks when it possibly strikes organizations.

GCIH Certification Requirements

The applicant should be competent in identifying, protecting against, and alleviating drive-by and different endpoint attacks. Moreover, attackers will utilize various evasion methods to evade detection by security controls. The applicant should therefore know and perceive evasion methods that the attackers usually arrange to settle and bypass checkpoints of business environments.

The applicants should prove their skills in incident response, malware, and network investigation procedures. In addition, the GIAC GCIH exam takers should acquaint themselves with Netcat, Metasploit, and other tools to avoid attacks that may arise through those refined toolsets.

The practitioners should further prove their knowledge of different attack scenarios. This may additionally occur specifically to weaken networked environments, utilize web applications, and damage sensitive information. At last, the applicant should have technical abilities in reconnaissance, scanning, and mapping strategies to expose vulnerabilities in enterprise services, networks, and workstations.

Target Audience

This GIAC GCIH certification is best suited for the following:

  • Incident handlers and team leads
  • Security lawyers
  • System administrators
  • Security designers
  • Security responders and personnel

The GCIH exam is proctored based and comprised of 106 multiple choice questions, which the practitioner must finish within 240 minutes. And exam takers should be able to score 70% and more to receive the certification. In addition, applicants can take the exam through Pearson VUE-authorized test centers.

Tips for GIAC GCIH Certification Exam

  • Though All GIAC exams are open-book exam, you need to study and understand all the concepts to get through the exam.
  • Taking up the SANS course is imperative. SANS SEC504 course helps you acquire the skills to carry out incident response investigations. You will learn how to use a dynamic incident response approach to developing cyber threats and how to create threat intelligence to scale effective defense strategies for cloud and on-premises platforms.
  • Use post-its to mark important pages/information and label the post-its explicitly for easy reference.
  • The books are only being used as reference resources. Do not be lured to over-reference; the GCIH exam is on your understanding of the topic and applying this knowledge to answer the questions.
  • Good time management skills are a must to crack this exam. You are expected to answer 106 questions in 240 minutes. Though this seems ample time, you can run out of time. For that, you have to attempt GCIH practice tests. This will also help you become acquainted with the exam structure, syllabus, and type of questions.

The significance of the GCIH Practice Test can be outlined as follows:

  • Enhancing time Management skills.
  • Acquainting and reviewing the GCIH exam concepts.
  • Getting familiar with the actual exam atmosphere.
  • Fostering your self-confidence.
  • Proper evaluation of your performance.
  • Can understand your weak and strong areas.
  • Can correct your mistakes at the time of final exams.

Additional Tips for GIAC GCIH Exam Preparation

Following are quick tips to get through the GIAC GCIH exam.

  • Schedule your exam and design a proper study plan.
  • Split up the time appropriately for each exam concept or according to the difficulty level of the topic.
  • Make a complete index to quickly find information during the exam.
  • Solve your doubts. Concentrate on concepts and totally revise them before the actual GIAC GCIH certification exam.
  • Join an online community and learn from experienced professionals in the field.


Now that you know what the GCIH certification exam is and how you can learn best for it, it’s time for you to study with lots of hard work and effort to achieve your goals. The most significant aspect of this exam is that GIAC exams are all open-book exams, making it a little simpler to pass compared to other cybersecurity exams.