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What Is CIW Certification and Why Should You Earn It?

A CIW certification is an authenticated measure that confirms an individual’s knowledge and skill in a given CIW job role or a fusion of defined CIW job positions and language theory exams that culminate in a Master CIW certification. It is a vendor-neutral I.T. and Web technology education and certification program.

CIW is the world’s foremost vendor-neutral I.T. and Web technology education and certification program. The CIW certification syllabus emphasizes the basic standards and job skills that allow the Internet to function, comprising development, Web design, security, networking, administration, and databases.

More than a certification, CIW has become the academic standard accepted by academic institutions, governments, and businesses across the world for Web technology skills. What distinguishes CIW certification?. To point out a few, organizations such as Cisco, H.P., General Dynamics, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, Citibank, and even the U.S. National Security Administration recognize and demand CIW certifications in their present job postings for available I.T. positions.

CIW Certification Path

The CIW program includes the following certification tracks:

  • Web Foundations
  • Web Design
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • Web Development
  • Web Security

CIW exams are meant for professionals who perceive web designing, web development, and web-related operations. So, the applicants must have a fundamental understanding of these operations before applying for the exams. Applicants can register for the examination after the successful completion of necessary training sessions. To pass the exam successfully, the applicants must score at least 70%. Applicants who fail to score minimum marks in the CIW exam can apply for a retake. Applicants will receive the certification through the post within 4 to 8 weeks from the date of the results announcement.

Benefits of Earning CIW Certification

Aspiring to change a career? Want To upgrade your present internet skills?

Whether you take into account your career as a lifelong journey toward personal achievement or a way of making ends satisfy, CIW certification helps you accomplish your career goals by determining the skills essential to master in the contemporary digital world.

Becoming a CIW certification holder reaps great perks. Many applicants have experienced immense success in their lives or careers after earning their CIW certification.

There are many perks to achieving a CIW certification and making a lucrative career in web design. Let’s explore a few of them.

1. Obtaining the Web Design Job

If you talk to web designers presently working in the field, they will tell you that a certificate in web design will help you receive a job. In a situation in which two candidates have applied for a job and are else equal in their abilities and experience, except that one has a CIW certificate, it should be apparent.

It is possible to start a career as a web designer without earning a CIW certification. Still, if you are sincere about your career development, a certificate is a perfect launching pad. You can complete a certification in a relatively short amount of time, usually within two to three months. Certification can be a more worthy investment of both time and money.

CIW certifications are meant to be your stepping stone or a way to prove you have what is required for entry-level web design jobs.

2. Promoting a Career in Growing Field

Internet-related jobs, on the whole, will undergo extreme growth in the future. This seems distinct to most people as the web jitters into more facets of our lives. Someone has to create it, right?

As e-commerce remains to grow, the profession of web designers and developers is expected to increase, too. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the web developer job market is estimated to have a 15% growth by 2026.

3. CIW Certification is A Key to Unlock Your Creative Side

Working in a web design job helps you to use the creative side of your mind constantly. You’ll be sketching graphics, working closely with color palates, and doing other creative jobs that will help you sharpen your creative skills. Whether working individually or with a team, you’ll have a lot of opportunities to keep your creative skillset and fill the requirement to create something new.

4. Opportunity to Work with the Latest Technology

One inspiring thing about working on the web is all the latest technologies you have the opportunity to utilize. These new tools appear to come out as quickly as you can learn them. Design software is continually being upgraded and advanced, and web scripting languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are continually being upgraded. Frameworks like Bootstrap have originated to give designers and developers a more powerful platform for their creativity.

Website designers are determined by their tools and ability to use them. If you’re someone who loves to learn new tech to sharpen your capability to express your designs, a career in web design is an excellent place to be.

5. Becoming Freelancer

Do you like the idea of being a freelancer in your work life? Though many web designers work for companies or in-house for businesses, there are plentiful opportunities to work for yourself. This allows you to select the types of clients you want and make your hours. With the flexibility of web work, you have absolute independence when you are self-employed in the field.


A CIW certification is a great way to open doors in your professional life. It will be difficult to find someone who will repent achieving one. CIW certification demands a short investment and has an enduring benefit for those who pass the relevant certification exam.