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SAFe Scrum Master SSM: Are You Certified?

You must pass the SSM, SAFe Certified Scrum Master certification exam to become a better Agile coach and offer great value to your organization. Therefore, study hard and solve practice test exam questions to accomplish your SAFe Scrum Master certification goals.

Overview of the SAFe Scrum Master Certification:

The SAFe Scrum Master certification helps aspirants to coach Agile teams to offer business value at scale. The certification boosts the aspirant with the tactical skills required to be a practical Scrum Master in a SAFe organization. With the SSM certification, you get the guidance and tools necessary to work in remote environments with distributed teams.

Is the SAFe Scrum Master Certification Suitable for You?

If you aspire to become a certified scrum master with the skills to help leading organizations succeed with Scrum and Agile, the SAFe Scrum Master certification is for you. Through the SAFe Scrum Master certification preparation, you will learn how scrum masters empower and lead Agile teams. Learn the methods to facilitate Agile events like standups, iteration planning, and retrospectives. You will also discover servant leadership principles to support teams planning and completing their work and learn about servant leadership principles to help develop high-performing, engaged, constantly improving teams in your own organization.

Do You Need Any Specific Qualifications to Become the SAFe Scrum Master?

There are no specific educational requirements for the Scrum Master job role. However, most organizations prefer candidates to hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration, IT, or a related field to have a better experience with the certification exam.

Here Are Some Preparation Tips to ace the SAFe Scrum Master Certification Exam:

Focus on the Syllabus Domains:

To succeed in the SAFe Scrum Master certification exam, you must be knowledgeable about the syllabus domains. Characterizing the role of the Scrum Master plays the most important role in the syllabus. It covers 38% of the syllabus; therefore, focus on covering this domain and grasp the other syllabus domains to attempt a maximum number of questions.

Join the SAFe Training:

You can join the classroom training to boost your Scaled Agile skills. Practical training is highly needed to boost your theoretical skills.

Scoring 73% Is Not Tough Anymore:

When you regularly face the SSM exam questions, facing 45 questions at one time and scoring 73% or higher becomes easy. Therefore, have real exam experience while solving the SAFe Scrum Master practice test questions. Through regular attempts, you can learn more about your strengths and weaknesses and prepare better to take the actual exam.

What Qualities Must Possess to Become A Successful Scrum Master?

As a SAFe Scrum Master, your primary role and responsibility will be to help the team achieve its goals. You will do this by implementing and supporting SAFe principles and practices, teaching and coaching SAFe ScrumXP and SAFe, and identifying and eliminating bottlenecks to flow. The SAFe Scrum Master certifications are in high demand, and the Scrum Masters can come from different backgrounds. But to become a good Scrum master, you must possess some qualities.

You Should Be A Servant Leader:

As servant leaders, SAFe Scrum Masters focus on the requirements of team members and those they serve with the goal of getting good results by following the organization’s values, principles, and business objectives. The Scrum masters must persuade rather than use authority.

The SAFe Scrum Masters Should be Mentors:

As mentors, they must support the personal development of team members and help them gain a continuous learning mindset. The Scrum Masters guide the team to find solutions to their problems independently instead of offering the answers.

What Could Be Your Possible Job Roles?

Promote PI Planning:

SAFe Scrum Masters play a vital role in PI Planning. They work with other Scrum Masters and the Release Train Engineer and actively work with the team during PI planning to ensure a successful event.

Getting Ready for PI Planning:

Before the event, the SAFe Scrum Master assures the team is knowledgeable on upcoming features by Business Owners, Product Managers, and other stakeholders. They aid the team and the Product Owner in identifying local stories, maintenance, defects, tech debt, and other work the team needs to perform during the upcoming PI.

Coordinate With Other Teams

Coordination is essential during any teamwork, and SAFe Scrum Masters ensure that they help the whole team. They usually provide subject matter experts (SMEs) and program stakeholders during PI planning. They communicate with other groups to check how they will work together on feature development and resolve dependencies.

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Make Team PI Objectives:

SAFe Scrum Masters help teams make team PI Objectives, which means the things they want to achieve in the next PI. They present written objectives before the draft plan review, which is a proper mix of committed and uncommitted goals.

Review the Final Plans and Business Value:

SAFe Scrum Masters help assure some aspects before the final review. They check that PI objectives are smart, achievable, realistic, and time-bound and are written simply, so everyone can understand. The Scrum Masters often promote Business Owners and team collaboration during business value assignments.

Bottom Line:

Adopting Agile is highly beneficial for organizations these days. Organizations worldwide use Agile frameworks like Scrum to develop complex projects and improve workplace accountability, productivity, and communication. The demand for SAFe Scrum Masters is high; they can help businesses make better products within a shorter time span, have satisfied customers, and have a happier workforce. Therefore, do rigorous studying and earn your SAFe Scrum Master certification.